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Sep 30, 2021

You know the things I repeat every week. Support the bands you like in the way you feel most comfortable supporting them. 


Barlow - Object of...


Chronophage - Passageway


Fashion Pimps and the Glamazons - V.R.


Zero Boys - Drug Free Youth


DOC CORBIN DART - debbie (aka suicide no. 1/down at the store/the very thought)


Cinderblock - Dystopia


The Exploding Hearts - Throwaway Style(Alternate Mix)



EyeHateGod - Fake What's Yours


Fat Stupid Ugly People - No, Robby Callahan IS NOT in EyeHateGod


Hatred Surge - Rotten To Forgotten


Warzone Womyn - Magma Digestor


Slices - Cave Crawl/Bad Mask


Hyena - War



Loose Nukes - Rizzo's Dead


Dark Thoughts - Anything II/Psycho Ward


Machine Gun - Side B


The Holidays - Bus Freak


Bad Side - Bleak Future



Hologram - Deprivation Fantasy


Slant - Stagnation


Smirk - Death To Smirk


Lysol - Can't Win


Jalang - Death Inside


Ideation - My Lai Amusement Park


Illiterates - Invisible Enemy


80HD - Perpetual Decay



BLUTTAT - Ich Will Hier Raus


No Submission - The Degraded Men


Headcleaners - Death Threat


Kraut - Last Chance


Beaver - Vlademir


Saccharine Trust - We Don't Need Freedom


Modern Warfare - No Passion


Circle One - Destroy Exxon


Anti - New Underground

Sep 27, 2021

Welcome once more to the vast wasteland known as the internet where war is peace and ignorance is strength. While the human race circles the drain spend your last dollars support these bands by buying their records and doing whatever it is you can think of to help these lil mother effers. Punk doesn't work without you so get in the pit and try to love someone.


Abi Ooze - Brat


Bad Anxiety - No Shit


Thing - Night Hag


Superfreak - Spit Rag


Koma - Turn The Screw


Kohti Tuhoa - Väkivaltaa


Algara - Todo Me Da Igual


Ejecución X - Hipsters pokemones de Internet


Front d'Alliberació de la Vida - Vota la teva mort


Personal Damage - Personal Damage



Riki - Marigold


Fashion Pimps and the Glamazons - The Forest People


Sweeping Promises - Atelier


Anadol - Casio Havasi



Infest - Shackled Down/Kill The Peace


Assuck - The Perpetual Cycle/World of Confusion


Neanderthal - Fighting Music/Fluids


Rorschach - Brainhandle



Caterina Caselli - Tutto Nero


Fong Yue & The Travellers - Black Magic Woman


Arie Koesmiran - Senang


李雲 (Judy Lee) - 你再也不回來



Choir - Guilt Drip


Living World - What Are You Doing?/Chair Shot


Necro Heads - Opt Out


Little Angels - Leather Jacket



Sep 10, 2021

Support these bands in anyway you can! Buy their records! Tell your friends! Go see them live and be safe!



Lip Moves - Guest


Rebels - The Leader of Rebellion


The Seize - In For Me


The Limps - Someone I Can Talk To


The Drive - Jerkin'


No Support - Sub-Human Species


Running Dogs - Born Yesterday


Flux of Pink Indians - They Lie, We Die



Hotline TNT - Slider


Subliminal Excess - Wild Spiral


Big Laugh - No Embrace


Necro Heads - Blind Cowards


Yambag - You Still Suck


Woodstock '99 - Fried Snake Belly


Peace Talks - Dancing For the Flame


Big Baby - Big Baby Got Da Nuke


Zorn - Fall to Pray


Astral Butcher - Spiders


Death Gasp - Executioner



Agrimensor K - Principio y fin


Aerolineas Federales - No Me Beses En Los Labios


El Ultimato Sueno - No debiste asustarme


Los Nikis - Ernesto


Nueva Religion - Ten compasion de mi



FLQ - Eight Miles High


Lysol - C-4


Fashion Pimps and the Glamazons - L.A. County Critters


Mess - Traidores


Axe Rash - Buy Your Way Out


Rotten Mind - Negative Space


Fatal - Character Assassination


DMT - Eyes of Beasts


Ideation - Columbine Star Factory


Bow Wielder - Botched Execution



Aug 31, 2021

punk punk punk


support these bands by buying their records and telling your friends about them!



Yambag -Seclusion


Woodstock 99' - Fuhrmented Beanies & Weanies


Fashion Pimps and the Glamazons - Free World


Mujeres Podridas - Hijos de la Frontera


Fatal - Ghost Of The Self


Scarecrow - Rationalization


Golpe - La Colpa E Solo Tua


Zorn - Keeper of Secrets


DMT - Death Cult


Tenso - Comemierda


Desborde - Perfecto


Stunted Youth - You Are What You Hate


Ideation - Ideation


Precipice - Circus


Strong Boys - Pink Death


Suffocation Madness - Disassociate


Dollhouse - The First Day of Spring



Red Cross - Kill Someone You Hate



RF7 - Long Live Their Queen



Circle One - High School Society



Bad Religion - Drastic Actions


Disability - Battling Against the Police



Sheer Mag - Silver Line


Public Acid - Zero Power/Rockstar(Pathetic)


Dark Thoughts - Falling Out


Poison Ruin - Exiles


ICD10 - What We Deserve



Almost 21 - Drowning In The Rug


The Detours - Hang Ten In East Berlin


X - In This House That I Call Home


Zounds - Little Bit More


Wire - Mignight Bahnhof Cafe



Will McAndrew - Full Speed Ahead


Island Of Love - Songs Of Love


El Destello - Sin Miedo


Rata Negra - Romance De Lobos


Lost Balloons - Hey Summer


The Vicious - Obsessive



Straw Man Army - Her Majesty's Ship OST

Aug 12, 2021

Is it 2021? 2013? 1984? to quote the seminal thrash group James Metallica "Nothing Else Matters"



Scarecrow - Scarecrow


Neon Belly - The Boys Are Alright


Operation Intel. - Machine Man


Mutated Void - Afraid To Make Change


Death Gasp - Torture Tactics


Zorn - Lament


Golpe - Nato Copevole


Woodstock 99 - $200 Pickled Red Onions


Yambag - COW


Fashion Pimps And The Glamazons - Jazz 4 Johnny


Lysol - Disinfectant


Jalang - Senandung Akhir Zaman


Koma - Impossible Altar


Cemento - No Ambition


Vënenø - 12 Horas


Pesadilla - Imagen


Stunted Youth - You Are What You Hate



EEL - Violent Anarky


No Time - Perpetual War


Bad Noids - Bad Vomit


The Repos - Cold Moon Came Crashing Down


Culo - I Don't Want(To Be A Big Shot)


Gas Rag - Final Peace


Big Zit - Lil' Zitty


Wild Child - This Is Nothing/Brown Nosed


Bad Side - Everybody Wants Something From Me


Low Charge - No Time


Kremlin - No Hope For You


Warthog - Potential/Yes, Master


Criaturas - Miedo


Vaaska - Invasion


Impalers - Hooked Jaw


Common Ignorance - The Ripper


Ignorantes - Dos Minutos De Odio


Blazing Eye - Devil's Tears



Jul 31, 2021


Fat Stupid Ugly People - No Sleep No Food


Gauze - 首から看板ぶら下げて / 3時のあなた


Big Zit - ???


Jalang - White Metal


Dollhouse - The Shadow Baby


Porvenir Oscuro - Terrorismo Policial


Ignorantes - Sapos


Le Pine - Reality Check


Kretin - My Life


Deficit - Why/Deficit


Self-Inflict - Your Choice


Fugitive Bubble - Doves Fly


Little Angels - Leather Jacket


Necro Heads - Tear It Down


Hawkbaby - Sit Back Relax Enjoy


Bato - Human Cancer



No Pigs - Anytime


Nog Watt - Wish You Could Feel


Indirekt - Shell Helpt


The Nitwitz - Jet Set


Gepopel - Paracide


B.G.K. - Rules





Toner - Ox 45


Hotline T.N.T. - Had 2 Try


Barlow - Makes My Life(Single Version)


Jay Reatard - No Time



The Stitches - My Baby Hates Me


Times Square Preachers - Babylon Is Burning


Totalitar - Slut Som Manniska/Vagen Till Anda


Disclose - Realities of Life


Nightmare - Find Your Way


Z - Destroyed Sky



Jul 24, 2021

A real whopper of a damn episode. If you like these bands tell your friends about them and buy their records/tapes/flexis/downloads/throw blankets etc.



Vamps - Swervin With Purpose


PK Poo - Ginsu


Scoot Ft. Franchise Grimey Grimez Money Man Rich - Mon Valley Mobbin


Mach-Hommy - Folie Á Deux ft. Westside Gunn, Keisha Plum


Gift Of Gab - Freedom Form Flowing



Porvenir Oscuro - Sin Control


Mundo Primitivo - Rito De Muerto


Rata Negra - Malicion


Generacion Suicida - Dime Donde Esta


Ignorantes - No Estoy De Acuerdo


Golpe - Sei La Tya Prigione


Purgatorio - Aveces


Alambrada - Frontera Absoluta


Enemigo Publico - Poder Mundial



MG-15 - Derecho A La Vida


Nog Watt - Going On


Times Square Preachers - White European Man


Poison Idea - Made To Be Broken


Death Side - Burning Spirit


Puncture Wound - Roomate



Anti-Machine - What Do You See?


Acid Casualties - Against The Wall


Death Gasp - Ghost of the Bomb


Pyrex - Touch


The Annihilated - Body Count


Public Acid - Flag Fetish


Ammo - All You Do(Is Want Me To Die)


Torso - Home Wrecked


Healer - Side B


Bootlicker - Master



Children of Night - Unafraid


Haldol - Amuse-bouches


Horror Vacui - Consolation Prize


House Of Harm - Always



Poison Ruin - Doppleganger


Tee-Vee Repairman - Lights Out!


Beex - He Obliterates Me


The Vicious - Dead Town


Fugazi - Runaway Return





Jul 15, 2021

Support these bands by buying their records and telling your friends about them and going to see them live if and when that is a thing. Write them a letter or interview them for your fanzine. Put them on a mixtape, gift it to someone you like with a flower you find on the way to their house. Put your phone down. Write a letter to a friend. Or don't. 


Ignorantes - Shit


Porvenir Oscuro - Inadaptado


De Rodillas - Eres


Generacion Suicida - Nacidos


Rata Negra - El Escarmiento


Mujeres Podridas - Manana


Morbo - El Loco


Farmaco - Porvenir


Inyeccion - No Quiero Tu Espacio



Corny Various - Verfolgt


Upright Citizens - Fuck The Army


Headcleaners - Dying In Maze


Disorder - Todays World


Kraut - Matinee


The Fix - Cos The Elite


Necros - Youth Camp


JFA - Out Of School



Injection Site - Demo 2021


Acid Casualties - R.O.T.C.


Exil - Damage


Goodbye World - Blood and Bone


Ready Armed System - Hair Of The Dog


Cryptid - Take Me


Sial - Kita Dilahirkan Untuk Mati



The Philosophic Collage - Headline Deadline


The Five - Death Chord


Secret Hate - Deception


Outer Circle - Blind Venetians


Superheroines - Embalmed Love


Modern Warfare - Asphalt Dynasty



Jul 8, 2021

Support these bands by buying their records and going to see them live if and when that is a thing again.



Porvenir Oscuro - Poilicia Miserable


Ignorantes - A La Mierda Las Demandas


Sial - Kita Dilahirkan Untuk Melawan


Cryptid - I Existg


Bootlicker - Two Faced


Little Angels - Happy Birthday


Living World - Earthling Man


Speed Plans - Tire Iron


Peace Talks - Life Is Strange


Necro Heads - Deliver


Illiterates - Stupid Privilege


Tee-Vee Repairman - Patterns


Chain Cult - We're Not Alone


Taqbir - Aisha Qandisha



Ziga - I Love Me


Final Count - Imitate A Human


Bitousha - 犠牲者としての享楽


Dead Person - No Marcy Surviving


あぶらだこ - 忍耐


奇形児 - Plastics Love


Nubile - In Sight



Masshysteri - Lat dom hata oss


Rotten Mind - Your Voice Inside My Head


Regulations - Destroy


U.X. Vileheads - Sick Sensation


The Vicious - Obsessive


Cross - Pyre



Bird Of Prey - King Of Night


Antidote - Foreign Job Lot


Krieg Kopf - Feast Or Famine


Puncture Wound - Break A Leg


Inmates - Riot/Government Crimes

Jun 30, 2021

Hoisting the freak flag once more. Watch it's fabric tear slowly away as they bow to the winds of change. Or don't.

Please be a part of this thing by supporting the bands that you like! Buy their records and tell your friends! Whenever shows happen and they come to your town pay to see them or support them in some other applicable way please and thank you.


Disturbio Clandestino - Mierdas Prepotentes


Atoxxxico - Puerco Policia


Rebel'D Punk - Police Shit


Polo Pepo - San felipe es punk


Sedicion - Extintos



Little Angels - Party


Illiterates - We're Coming Out


Joukkohauta - Kello kay


Money - Bomb Up My Nose


Ready Armed System - Annihilated Nightmare


Suffocating Madness - Abuse of Power


Inferno Personale - Tomorrow


Psico Galera - Morte Apparente


Canal Irreal - Not Tomorrow


Psykik Vylence - 2


Nuovo Testamento - Vanity



Times Square Preachers - Ain't Smiling


Grazhdanskaya Oborona - Voyna


Antidote - Real Deal


The Consumers - Anti, Anti, Anti


The Spits - Eyesore City


Beex - Butch


Morbid Opera - Deep End



Wards - Bomb


The Seize - 17 to 11


The Ignerents - Wrong place, wrong time


The Nosebleeds - Ain't Been To No Music School


Dred Scott - Believe You All


Kontaklim - Lordagsalkoholisten


Nice Lawn - Tears For The New World



INVADER LARS - Overnight Operation 1-3



Jun 13, 2021

Another episode of the same old shit. Of music, money, hit after hit...


Little Angels - Leather Jacket


Heavy Discipline - Lockstep


Loose Nukes - Roundhouse


Rat-Nip - Hard Pass


Detainees - All Eyes On You


No Time - Degenerate


White Stains - Let's Die


Jalang - Cops N Klan


Mundo Primitivo - La Fuerza


SQK Fromme - (Hell Of Powers)


Venganza - Cuarto Poder


Desintegracion Violenta - Desintegracion Violenta



Dead Moon - Cloud Of Dawn


Infest - Judge Me/Speak Easy


Crossed Out - He-Man


R.D.T. - Moral


Riistetyt - Haluun Kuolemaa


Inferno - Wir Sind Schon Tot Il


Warhead - Fight With No Fear



Tension - Death Of A Nation


Krieg Kopf - State Aid


The Worst - Time Zone


Antidote - Life As One


SS Decontrol - Nothing Done


H.I.C. Systeemi - Vakaumus


Suurkaupungin Haitat - Kotimainen listaykkönen



The Johnnies - And You


Lama - Nimeton


Red Asphalt - Red Asphalt


Red Squares - Modern Roll


Teenage Popeye - Life Is Cheap


Shattered Dreams - Feel It From Here



Devo - I Desire


The Crucifucks - Hinkley Had A Vision




TSOL - Superficial Love


Wasted Youth - Reagan's In


Reagan Youth - Reagan Youth


Dead Kennedys - We've Got A Bigger Problem Now


Suicidial Tendencies - I Shot the Devil

Jun 3, 2021

Support each other and be safe!


Anti-Machine - Euthanize

80HD - Violence, Waiting For You

Detestados - Descubrimiento

Mujeres Podridas - Muerte en Paraiso

Rata Negra - En La Playa

Genereacion Suicida - Dia Tra Dia

Alambrada - Control Total/Un Acto De Lealtad

Mock Execution - Stagnant Fools

Joukkohauta - Miten voi luottaa tulevaisuuteen?

Disable - Enola

Lockheed - Profits of Conquest

Flexure - Our MIsery

Fugitive Bubble - Tornado


Screamers - Mater Dolores

Alan Milman Sect - Teen Tour

Cardboards - Electrical Generator

The Delinquents - Motivation Complex

Destry Hamton And The Wolves From Hell - Angel of Madness

Gray Matter - Burn No Bridges


Rudimentary Peni - Path Of Glory

Esplosi - Song 3

Impulso - Tutto ti e gia stato detto

Illiterates - Invisible Enemy

Speed Plans - Terror

Cobarde - Ratface

Smirk - Starting At Screens

Spread Joy - Unoriginal


S.I.B. - You

Anti - New Underground

Beaver - Limited Nuclear War

The Fix - No Idols

Toxic Reasons - Riot Squad

Mercenaries - Martial Law

Kontaktlim - Vaga visa vem du ar

Wipers - When It's Over


May 24, 2021

We are all just walking each other home.

Support these bands by buying their records and spreading the good word of their music around! We can't do this if we don't do it together.


Screamers - Punish Or Be Damned

Thee Undertakers - America's Dream

Stiff Little Fingers - Closed Groove

Rubber City Rebels - Such a Fool

The Bizarros - I Bizarro

Sinister - Political Censorship


80HD - 80HD

Axe Rash - Gig Life

Mujeres Podridas - Planeta Negro

Inyeccion - Ejecutar

Purgatorio - Institucionalizados

Psico Galera - Vieni All Inferno

Fugitive Bubble - Doves Fly

Warthog - Culture?


Muro - Violencia en las calles

Primer Regimen - Martires

Systema - Violencia policial

Victimas - Victimas

Sinnaciön - Conflicto Armado

Sublevación - 1312

Porvenir Oscuro - Terrorismo Policial

Alambrada - Fuerza asesina


Adrenochrome - The Knife

Tears for the Dying - Mortuary

Haldol - Triangle

Dennis Defrange and Mark Frazier - The Manikin Shuffle

Malaria! - Kaltes Klares Wasser

Search Party - Urban Foxes


May 11, 2021

Support these bands by buying their records, tapes, downloads, cd-r's, Sony MiniDisc ETC. ETC. ETC. At least tell your friends your mom your dog your anyone about it please and thank you.


Rata Negra - Llorando

Generacion Suicida - Ilusion

Morbo - Aqui no hay nadie

Maladia - Sacred Fires

Cutter - Futuro Oscuro

Away - 1

Alambrada - Muerte Preventiva

Cobarde - Do Drugs

Indre Krig - Hypocrite

Reaski - Punk Asia

The Chisel - Enough Said

Crown Court - Sect 59


Suburban Lawns - Unable

Legal Weapon - Hostility

The Cry - Love Is Necessary

Ana Hausen - Professionials

Razor Penguins - Indifference

Saccharine Trust - A Human Certainty


CCTV - 235U

UDUSIC - Three

Big Zit - I am the Filth

Abi Ooze - TAT

Research Reactor Corp - Hog Cranker

Attestor - Preach Love

Anti-Feds - Dead Generation

Club Bed - Underwater


Altar of Eden - Genesis

Silence - The Angel Hunter and the Fur Collector

Kronstadt - Les restes

Peur Bleue - Pourquoi?


Apr 18, 2021

"The mind is a wonderful servant and a lousy master"


As always support these bands by buying their records if you like them!


Generacion Suicida - Balas, Siempre Balas


Mock Execution - Insanity?


Prision Postumo - Bastardos


Alambrada - Traicion


Swab - Hippies Still Exist(And I Still Hate Them)


De Rodillas - Ilegal


Peace Talks - Nuclear Family


Feeble Intent - 9 Months


Torso - Weightless


Kombat Sports - Whole Lotta Hate


Electric Chair - Life Is Hell


Candy Apple - Sweet Dreams of Nothing



The Girls - The Elephant Man


Unnatural Silence - Hiroshima


Suburban Lawns - Gossip


Big Boys - Apolitical


The Dictators - No Tomorrow



Culo - Victim Of The Normal Life


Blotter - Nothing Left To Learn


Impalers - Apparitions


School Jerks - Guestlist


Cal and the Calories - My Calorie


Fried E/M - Inner Peace


Cruelster - The Pipeline Could Work


Bad Noids - Bad Vomit


Common Ignorance - Understand



Armia - Na Ulice


Dezerter - Uleglosc


T.Z.N. Xenna - Co Za Swiat


Siekiera - Ludzie Wschodu


Abaddon - Wet Za Wet


Process - Stroszek



Alambre De Puas - Sexo Violento


EGO - Mrtva Buducnost


U.B.T. - Novo Vrijeme


Kylma Patja - Verinen Hallinto


Good Guys - Fading


Spleen - Toxic


Celda - Mentira


Mentira - Vacio


Public Acid - Rubbernecker


Apr 7, 2021

Like you have been dropped into the middle of a well formed mystery. The structures of society both physical and otherwise scrape the skies around you and you could very well be a mole in a hill but it could also be a mountain depending on which eyes have been brought back from your slumber. Am I no more than a card in the catalog of humanity, a reference point for some piece of information only useful when pulled out of the shelf I was sorted into?


As always support these bands by buying their albums and going to see them live when that is a thing again.


Mock Execution - Shanti Ra Surakxya (Peace & Security)

Generacion Suicida - Fuego

Slant - Effigy

Alambrada - Posible Fugitivo

Golpe - Propaganda

The Gobs - Adderall or Nothing

Cexcrime - Hard and Greasy

Big Jar of Mayo - Absolute Ripoff

Electric Chair - Gutter

Alien Nosejob - Fatal Collision

Cráneo - Acaba

Hyena - Plagued

Mercenary - Urban Decay

Bukkake Boys - No Power, No Voice

Empathy Box - Bill


Glen Danzig - Who Killed Marilyn

Misfits - All Hell Breaks Loose

T.S.O.L. - The Triangle

Afterimage - Satellite of Love

Red Zebra - The Ultimate Stranger

Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons -Ice Cream to God


M.A.Z.E. - Spread the Germicide

The Mind - Tomorrow You Will Find Lonesome

New Cruelster(Perverts Again) - Hyper With U

Soup Activists - Jobbers in Motion

Poison Ruïn - Fog of War

Couteau Latex - Hostile Environment


Mar 26, 2021

What's so funny bout peace love and understanding?


Electric Chair - Pledge of Allegiance

Alien Nosejob - Beyond the Pale

Slant - Terminal

M.A.Z.E. - 311

Bad Example - White Shooter

Bad Batch - I Know They're Watching

Illiterates - Illiterates

Joukkohauta - Kello kay

Violent Christians - Bullshit Junky

Horrendous 3D - Option?

Reek Minds - Rabid

Zig Zag - The Chase

Nag - Sweeping Observer


Public Trust - Eyes Without A Face

Public Acid - Flag Fetish

Invalid - Court Of Public Opinion

Bloodstains - Public Hanging

Illegals - Public Hanging

Inmates - Skummy/Public Execution

Vanilla Poppers - Public Circle

State Of Alert - Public Defender

Public Zone - Naive


Lasso - Tempos fracos


Gimmick - Chalk Board

Golpe - Sei LA Tua Prigione


Hustler - Synthetic Christ

Tetanus - No Excuse

Mutant Strain - Pt. 1 Born Into Pain (Toofless Doofus / Juice / Dirt)

The Number Ones - Long Way To Go

S.L.I.P. - 5:45 A.M.

Torso - Pigeonholed


X - The Once Over Twice

The Cold - Mesmerized

The Broncs - Tele-K-Killing

T.S.O.L. - Silent Scream

Satan 81 - Radioattivita

Mission of Burma - That's When I Reached for My Revolver

Sad Loves and Giants - Things We Never Did

Mar 17, 2021

I walk down the stairs and step outside to take in the weather. My feet stir up the dirt from the sidewalk. My feet are familiar with the feeling, the dirt familiar with these very feet. They met long ago in a desert before being blown into the city.


Illiterates - LB Scheme

Electric Chair - Bastards

Alien Nosejob - The Scene Expands

Slant - Stagnation

Horrendous 3D - Inifference

Reek Minds - Losin' It

Zig Zag - Zig Zag

Tizzi - Bird Song

Turquoise - Si Uniques?

Fugitive Bubble - Check & Balances


Adolescents - I Hate Children

T.S.O.L. - Sounds of Laughter

Black Flag - Life of Pain

Descendents - Mr. Bass

Saccharine Trust - Effort to Waste

Channel 3 - You Lie

Social Distortion - 1945


Dark Web - (Theme from) Dark Web

Haldol - Fear and Fascination

Dyatlov - Wound Man

TORD - Barcelona Crema


Lux - Battled

Living World - Fresh

Big Baby - Big Baby Goes Into Public

Sniper Culture - Terminators

Peace Talks - Dancing For The Flame

Speed Plans - Beyond

Haircut - Gritona

The Dark - Empty Prayers

G.S.B. - Happy People


Toody - Coming on Strong

The Rats - Nightline

Desperate Edge - Frustration

Wipers - Youth of America


Ralfi Pagan


Feb 25, 2021

If you like these bands buy their records or tell your friends or do whatever you can to support them! If you want to support this podcast go here


Choir - Guilt Trip/Overbite


Sanguine Eagle - The First Storm


The Brass - Desperation



Slant - Enemy


鏡(KAGAMI) - 鏡


Taqbir - Al-Zuki Akbar


Warsh - Hypocrite


Fairytale - Better off Dead/Damaged


Tizzi - Same Story, New Monster


Zig Zag - Burn Out


Reek Minds - False Future


Healer - Resurgence EP side B


Joukkohauta - Toimintaa


The Massacred - Malign Murder


Public Trust - Dirt In My Eye


Torso - You're X'd


Urban Sprawl - Slaughtered


Liquids - Think Too Much



Limp Wrist - What's Up With the Kids


Crucial Unit - Wigout at Kinkos


Aus-Rotten - Modern Day Witch Hunt


Disclose - In Agony


Totalitar - Vi brutaliseras


Ruination - Giblets


Reason Of Insanity - Final Note


Iron Lung - Body Enclosing


Spits - Shitty World



Haldol - Taphonomy


Tord - El món és una merda


El DESTELLO - Nuevo Centro de Represión


Loner Statue - Controller



Kim Phuc - Equinox


Masochrist - God of Wealth


Drug Lust - Church Bitch


Ratface - Fukushima Nightmare


Ropes - Went Gone/Love Me


Culo - Toxic Visions


Hoax - Down


Crazy Spirit - I'm Dead


Nuclear Spring - Prose Kinema


Natural Law - Party Trick


CREEM - A Mean Day


Suburbanite - Grateful Nation


Tenement - Senile



Feb 20, 2021
Got the long hair swinging, middle finger in the air
Snake skin suits, 65 Chevelle
See me ride in sin hear the rebel yell
I won't live to tell, so if you do
Give the next generation a big 'fuck you'


Torso - Weightless


Urban Sprawl - Human Frailty




Healer - Resurgence A Side


鏡(KAGAMI) - Vulgar Alms


Taqbir - Aisha Qandisha


Joukkohauta - Valloita ja tuhoa


Refractive Errors - Cash Out


Liquids - You're A Punk


Kool & the Gang Bangers - I'm Not A Pinhead


Impede - Sacred Blade


Headlice - Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation


Fairytale - Master Thief


Degrowth - untitled


Public Acid - Spoiled By Hate


Public Trust - Bored With You


The Massacred - Post Mortem



Modern Warfare - Nothing's Left For Me


Beaver - Video Disease


Anti - Streets


Kontaklim - Lordagsalkoholisten


Lama - Nimeton


Legal Weapon - No Sorrow


Nichts - Radio



Matriarkathum - Mutilation of the fifth limb


Adore - Last Night's Sky For Dying Eyes


Ritual Knife - Reflections of Self-Hate


Spirit Possession - Deity of Knives and Pointed Apparitions





Chris & Cosey - Heartbeat


Modern English - Smiles and Laughter


X - We're Desperate


The Liberators - I Robot


Fluid - Cast A Spell




Jan 26, 2021

Freak on a leash, ball on a chain, chicken on a biscuit really it's all the same. We are prisoners to ourselves stuck in the penitentiary of objective reality. We have music to enjoy for the next hour or so at least. If you like any of the bands support them by buying their records, giving them money on bandcamp( February 5th, March 5th, April 2nd and May 7th in particular when they actually give the artist the money) or at least tell your friends about them! If you live in a country that is not U.S.A. please email me about good punk bands from where you are from!



Torso - Home Wrecked


Urban Sprawl - Slaughtered


Mirror - Ego Death/Mutual Masturbation


Mujeres Podridas - Por Que




Degrowth - Circe


Exxxon - Bpp


Impede - Melissa


Cráneo - Cabezas


TV Drugs - Medicated


Video Prick - Track One


Headlice - Headlice Theme Song


Refractive Errors - S.P.


The Chisel - Come See Me



Legal Weapon - No One Listens


The Offenders - Lost Causes


Mark Truthe And The Liars - Prisoners Of Time


Bad Religion - World War III


Fraebbblarnir - Critical Bullshit


Dirty Rust - I staden


Magic De Spell - Virgin Freedom



Invader Lars - Mr. Majestic


Nappy Nina - Dipped


maassai - Grace Jones


J.U.S. - God Goku Jay-Z ft. Fat Ray (prod. Raphy)


Armand Hammer - Dead Cars (Feat. R.A.P. Ferreira) (Prod. By Kenny Segal)


Westside Gunn - $500 Ounces (feat. Freddie Gibbs & Roc Marciano)



Mystic Inane - Mystic Ignorance


Hawkbaby - Cazadores


The Spits - Lose My Mind


White Stains - Parasite


Big Boys - Assault


Dezerter - Spytaj milicjanta


The Plugz - Achin


Straw Man Army - Amnesia/The End Of Living


Jan 16, 2021

We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year or whatever. You ever get the feeling your whole life has been leading up to this one distinct moment right now? Yeah, me either. AANYWAYY we got a really great show for you tonight so step on up and take a chance. 



Mujeres Podridas - Hijos de a Frontera


Mirror - Control Group


Mystic Inane - Death Of A Disco Spiv


Degrowth - The Entire End


Cexcrime - Sucker


Exxxon - Shellll


Tallahasse Two - Wicked


Vyvanse - Beer


Hick Tracy - Conflict


Rival Squad - Heridas



Saigon - Annihilation


Bad Religion - Politics


Neck Tie Party - Squash (Splat) (Yuch) (Oh My!!!!)


Lullanies - Cops in the streets


Feber - Drom eller mareritt


International Q - What I Got


Ice & the iced - Freezer


Stalag - Date limite de vente


Spiny Norman's Mind Games - Sorry About That Chief!



Hawkbaby - Budgie


Kool & the Gang Bangers - Wish You Were Dead


Gluebag - I'm Alright


Beige Banquet - Wired/Weird


Damien Done - Black Moon



Siekera - Jarocin '84


Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers - 400 Facists


Stark Raving Mad - Choice/Chaos


Corrosion of Conformity - Big Problems


No Rock Stars - Dirt On My Face


No Labels - harDCore


Colcor - Nervous Wreck


White Trash - Wake Up


Really Red - Too Political


Slipknot - Help you Think

Jan 13, 2021

Some of the groups discussed in "Conversations #6 - Mae Toone(Torso, Ritual Control, etc)"



All Bets Off - Mellowharsher

Look Back and Laugh - Blinders

Operation Ivy - Knowledge

Blitz - Never Surrender

A Global Threat - Stop the Violence

Ritual Control - Some Old Scars/It Will Never End

Rabies - Disease Core

Warkrime - No More

Punch - Not So Posi After All

Neighborhood Brats - We Own The Night

Torso - Community Psychosis/Waste of Time

Annihilation Time - Dogends

Luxe - Harsh Reality

Crucifix - No Limbs

Tragedy - Conflicting Ideas

Fireburn - Suspect

Inside Out - By A Thread/Sacrifice

AFI - A Single Second

L7 - Shitlist

Hole - Violet/Doll Parts

Spice Girls - Say You'll Be There

Jan 8, 2021

Another soundtrack for another weary day in another year that claims to be different but feels very much the same. Grab your umbrellas and galoshes it's bound to get wild out there and there is no telling what's around the corner.


For a very punk very Cruel Noise sticker send a self addressed stamped envelope to:



3138 Dobson St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15219




Burnt Envelopes - Stuck/My Band Sucks


Farmaco - Mundo Inmundo


Mujeres Podridas - Al Reves


White Stains - Rotten & Screwed


Speed Plan - Better Bombs/Brick Wall


Heavy Discipline - Tell The World


Black Button - Black Button


Kontaminate - Crack of Dawn


Armor - Untitled


Kaleidoscope - AR-15


Public Acid - Electric Plague


Mister - Desparecido


The Chisel - Not the Only One



Aerolineas Federales - Soy Una Punk


Picture Frame Seduction - No Way


The Accursed - Worship What


Mental - God For A Day


Larsen - Nacido de la Pota de un Punk


Seguridad Social - Konspiracion


La Pestilencia - Sed de Poder



Silicone Prairie - Dance To The Beat


Rendez-Vous - Distance


Icon Gallery - Pain


Photobooth - You


FM Knives - I Live Alone


The Marked Men - Wait Here, Wait for You


Terry & Louie - (I'm) Lookin' For A Heart



Necros - Bad Dream


Meatmen - Meat Men Stomp


Negative Approach - Lost Cause


Youth Patrol - Ameras Power


Toxic Reasons - Riot Squad


Violent Apathy - I Can't Take It


Mcdonalds - Miniature Golf


The Fix - No Idols



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