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May 28, 2020

We continue to shift amorphously through time, space, etc. Best to just close your eyes & listen to the music...or clean your room, whichever works for you. 


Alamoans - Never Too Young


Speed Plans - Sudden Relapse


Lobstah - The Plan


Living World - The Ordinary


Invader Lars - Tom Savini(Omega Feast)


Choir - Guilt Drip


Kim Phuc - Constant Heart Attack


Invalid - Court Of Public Opinion


Blood Pressure - Chronic Abuse


Chronic Abuse - Class Traitor



Laffing Gas - Pressure


The Guests -Killing Spree


Adderall - WORM(You)


Nandas - Bellona


Dark Thoughts - Identity Crisis


Bad Example - Tethered In Deviancy


Advertisement - She Was Dead


Public Acid - Incapacitate



Crisis Mode - Just A Fuck


LSG - A Leather Sex Gang


Mentira - Tus Demonios


Body Farm - Rough Night


Sniffany and the Nits - Rotten Tomato Planet


CB Radio Gorgeous - Earth II


Rotten Mind - Beat of the Street


BB and the Blips - Lucky Country


Exit Order - Seed Of Hysteria



The Donnas - I Don't Wanna Go To School


Zounds - Demystification


Killing Joke - Wardance


Young Marble Giants - Colossal Youth


Strawberry Switchblade - Since Yesterday

May 18, 2020

Another vague period of time on "this island" Earth. More music and also less music depending on how you look at it. I will say, this podcast is best listened to not looked at though. 


LSG - Eat It Up


Loss Prevention - Vicious Cycle


Cadanexo - Indestructible


Muro - No Hay Luger


Sial - Biar Putih Tulang, Jangan Putih Mata


Suck Lords - You're A Hype


Fried E/M - Modern World


Inmates - Creatures of the Night


Peace Talks - Getting Off On Acting Out


Cape Of Bats - Free From Grace



Erik Nervous - Living In The Woods


Devo - Find Out


John Maus - Find Out


The World - Last Rhodesian


Rotten Mind - Burn For You


Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers - Frustraion II



Ratfucker - The Need 4 Bleed


Rat-Nip - Motormouth


Ratface - Fukushima Nightmare


Negative Gain - Night Of The Rat


Savage Amused - Mall Rats


Ratos De Parao - Parasita


The Rats - First Mistake



Crazy Spirit - Slimey Leech


Dawn Of Humans - Bung Life


Perdition - Room 101


Natural Law - Persona


SQRM - I Can't Find My Knife


Slices - Medusa


Salvation - The Internal


Ecoli - Wind Chimes


No Statik - Clarified, Distilled, Recomposed


Glam - Agobian


Masshysteri - Välkommen till verkligheten



May 17, 2020

Part III of what to listen to when I die. 

May 11, 2020

You know him from playing drums in good bands and telling you which records are worth buying via Sorry State Records' weekly email, now get to know him a lil better. Punk is cool. 

May 8, 2020

Tap the cruise control and let your flesh vehicle coast on auto for the next 1.5 hours to the cool sounds of Cruel Noise. Support the bands and those around you in need. We are, unfortunately, human so let us make the best of it.  


Alamoans - Grease Stain
Muro - La Ciudad Es Hostil
Cadenaxo - Maxima Autoridad
Sub Space - Redemption
LSG - Talk
Loss Prevention - Devil's Fools
Suck Lords - Born Dead
Σ.Κ.Α.Τ.Α. - Κοροιδία / Αλγόριθμος
Subdued - Over The Hills And Far Away
Impotentie - Medemens
Laffing Gas - The Gulch
Cape Of Bats - Final Charge

R.M.F.C. - Reader
Erik Nervous - Our Hungry Fruit
Tums - Old Perverts & Horse Fuckers
CB Radio Gorgeous - Decline
Sniffany & The Nits - Rotten Tomato Planet
Vanilla Poppers - Get Away From Me
Torso - No Commonality

Barlow - Highway
Chronophage - Nyteans
Sensual World - Ephemeral Blob
Lost Balloons - My Grave
Special Interest - Young, Gifted, Black, In Leather
Nada Surf - Popular
Liz Phair - Fuck & Run
Sundays - You're Not The Only One I Know

Cameras In Cars - Avoid A Noid
Аквариум - Пепел
Grupa Radio - Pred Polazak Na Plazu
Биоконструктор - Бюрократ

Apr 30, 2020

Our time on Earth keeps pushing on and the sands of time keep doing whatever it is they are supposedly doing. Make the best out of what you got and support your friends, family &  neighbors whenever you can. 


CB Radio Gorgeous - The Devil


Sub Space - I Walk the Devil


Counter Control - Unnamed Graves


Liquids - Dark


XOs(Hugs & Kisses) - City Slickers & Coal Mines


Sniffany and the Nits - Horse Girl


Final War - Final War


New Grave - Poison Cloud


Civic - Selling, Sucking, Blackmail, Bribes


Death Cult - Disappear


Gen Pop - Hanging Drum



Spizzenergi - Where's Captain Kirk


The Sleepers - A Murder


Kaare Og Partiet - Lat 2


Screamers - Mater Dolores


Ramones - Outsider



Ammo - All You Do(Is Want Me To Die)


Krash - Devestation


Impostor Syndrome - Canned Applause


Special Interest - Don't Kiss Me In Public


Milk Music - Pay Me


Last Words - Wounds


Brain Handle - Smiling Again



The Nuns - Walkin' the Beat


Red Cross - Cover Band


Adolescents - Amoeba


David Microwave - I Don't Want to Hold You


Spilittin' Teeth - 2nd Generation





Apr 28, 2020

Channels - 2 (stereo

Sample Rate - 44.1 KHz

Bit Rate - 192 kbps

Apr 17, 2020

Like a long lost episode of "Third Rock From The Sun" we assume the role of the aliens in humanoid bodies trying to acclimate to this bizarre plot as it twist and turns in a more and more unbelievable way. Whatever happens in the end we are part of this cast together and by the end of the episode it will make more sense. 


Bad Noids - Watin Around To Die


Yambag - Monkey


Spike Pit - Murder


Lacerate - Greed


The Cowboy - Do Your Best


Screaming Human Scum - Last Train To Hell


Midnight - Black and the Gold


Rubber Mate - Stupid Thug


The Ruiners - Music & Money



Mentira - Vacio


Phoolan Devi - Chaos Vogue


Hellish View - 1945


Tzar Bomba - March Forward To Death


Ritalin OD - Swollen Eyes


Mock Execution - Apocalypse Now


Flamingos - Ice Out


Ataxxia - Force Fed



Loathsome Man - Seals and Crofts


Powerplant - Evidence


Kitchen People - Boy From Bassendean


The Cowboys - Clon Time/Wise Guy Algorithm


Laffing Gas - Same Cycle


NSA - You Killed It


Soakie - Or You Or You


Cold Feet - Good Book


Cold Meat - Bad Mood


Rat Cage - A Country For Idiots


Impostor Syndrome - Impostor Syndrome


Chubby & The Gang - Trouble(You Were Always on My Mind)



Schematix - Nothing Special


Naumahija - Utre


Marzidovsek & Prescott - Union Track II


Spiritual Sky - Sky My House Band (Ecoutez Et Repetez)

Apr 10, 2020

More music to listen to as you sit inside and wait for the world to start up again.


Esplosi - Demo Song 1


Invalid - Court Of Public Opinion


White Stains - Torture Chamber


Impostor Syndrome - Around & Drop


Peace Talks - Dancing For The Flame


Chiller - Trainwreck


Speed Plans - Two Hits


Wicked Slash - Trespassing


Battlefields - Summer Camp


Loose Nukes - Annihilation



Alaska Y Los Pegamoides - Doctor Spock


Dr. Zeke - Wild I Skogen


NBJ - Dead Porker


Delta 5 - Colour


Boys Boys - Monkey Monkey


Hydra - Ombre


Chronophage - Dance to Guitar



Muro - Desperdicio En Produccion


Quarantine - Who's To Blame?


Psykik Vylence - 5


Irreal - Inutil


Cold Feet - Acid Death


Laffing Gas - Attitude


Real People - Hong Kong Airdrop


Buggy - Like A Bug


Sial - Tikam Lidah


Man-eaters - At the Wheel


The Chisel - Blackpool '20


Booji Boys - Calling



Psicondencia - Cuando Me Podra Costar?


Los Prisioneros - Tren Al Sur


Cocteau Twins - Heaven or Las Vegas


Daznig - Snakes of Christ


Poison Idea - Welcome To Krell


Apr 5, 2020

The second and final hour(ish) of requests. Thanks for sending in requests and listening week after week. Help out your fellow man and take care of yourself. 


Time Crisis - World Crumbles


Splitting Heads - Effort


U.F.O. Dictator - I Don't Need


Druj - Scaphist


Pure Hate - Glory To The Brave


Mower - Live For Speed


Organized Sports - Make Them Hate


Agathocles - Who Cares


Soul Glo - Untitled 1


Fearless Iranians From Hell - Blow Up The Embassy



Fugazi - Turnover


Wipers - Mystery(4-track version)


Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments - My Mysterious Death(Turn It Up)


Bullets For Pussy - Pointed Stick


Freestone - Bummer Bitch


Filth - Don't Hide Your Hate


The Cortinas - Tribe Of The City


Dogs - Slash Your Face


Buttocks - Deutsche Raus Deutschland



Galaxie 500 - Isn't It A Pity


Dazzling Killmen - Medicine Me


Red Army Choir - Schizophrenic


Teaser - Welcome To The Future


Tyrannus - Heart Of A Champion


Dave E. And The Cool Marriage Counselours - Searching Through Sears


Vomit Punx - The Game





Mar 29, 2020

Pittsburgh punk 2004-2020

Mar 28, 2020

Thank you for all the request and your seemingly never ending support! If you have the means please buy records from the bands you like! Help each other out and stay safe out there in this weird world!


White Stains - Quarantine


Decivilize - Quarantine


Yambag - Cow


Shit Blimp - We Can Make Out Behind Hastee Tastee


Violent Christians - Body Bag


Wiccans - Crust Royalty


Muro - Fantasia Del Progreso


Gel - Culmination


Milk - Outpunk


C.C.T.V. - Mind Control


Powerplant - A Spine


Rosa - Sera A Posillipo



Takako Mamiya - Love Trip


The Blue Hearts - 人にやさしく


キャ→ - Slapdash


Soberania Personal - Los Politicos


Futuro - Maos Atadas


Frustasi - Kota Celaka


Marth And The Muffins - Monotone


Metropak - You're A Rebel



TZN-Xenna - Dzieci Z Brudnej Ulicy


Dezerter - Spytaj Milicjanta


Post Regiment - Czarzły


KGB - Treblinka


Fire Exit - Time Wall


Zips - Take Me Down


The Fakes - Production


Sedition - Criminals Of War



Mar 22, 2020

Things are the same but different. An eerily similar road, is this the detour or the way we have been traversing the whole time? Use your head, help each other, we are all trapped on this planet together so let's make the most of it. 



As always: support the bands you like in whatever way you can.



Peace Talks - A Lasting Peace


Laffing Gas - Attitude


Muro - Fantasia Del Progreso


Vanity - Rarely If Ever


Permission - Dominance Test


Sial - Maut


Irreal - Odie Als Veins


Power Face - Through Endless Sky


Dark Thoughts - Imaginary Lines/Must Be Nice



Dead Kennedys - Kill The Poor


Bad Brains - Stay Close To Me


Teen Idles - Sneakers


Rik L. Rik - The Outback


U.X.A. - Tragedies


Agent Orange - Bloodstains



Throbbing Gristle - Distant Dreams, Part Two


Dorothy - Softness


SPK - Mekano


Richard H. Kirk - False Erotic Love


Elisabeth Welch - Stormy Weather



Eyehategod - Jack Ass In The Will Of God


Totalitar - Intolerans


Amdi Petersens Arme - Ikk Igen


Disclose - The Nuclear Victims


Crucial Unit - Thrashin Is Our Business and Business Is Mediocre At Best


Gordon Solie Motherfuckers - Court Ordered Bullshit


The Spits - Dropout


Tragedy - Not Fucking Fodder


Mar 19, 2020

Bored Bored Bored: I Want Pittsburgh To Be Fun

Pittsburgh punk 1967-2003

Mar 15, 2020

"It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine"

Support each other or don't. 



Wicked Slash - Sleep Goodnight


Muro - Division


Orden Mundial - Heridas


Quarantine - Hang The Cops


Discovery - Intro/Pig Shit


Destruct - Why Not Love


S.H.I.T. - Hidden In Eternity


Man-eaters - Slow Demise Of A Futuristic Mind


Fried E/M - Die Laughing


Reek Minds - Brain Damage


Hate Preachers - Bent For Abuse


Procedure - Born Damned


Subliminal Excess - Psychotic Break


Android - Evolution Letdown


Splitting Heads - Effort



Delta 5 - You


Suburban Lawns - Janitor


Screaming Sneakers - I Can't Help It


Mekons - Where Were You


Red London - Red Alert


Wipers - Nothing Left Else



Vanity - A Seat At The Table


Hank Wood & The Hammerheads - Strangers


Riki - Bose Lugen(Body Mix)


Primer Regimen - Generacion Perdida


Lux - Apasionadas


Horror Vacui - The Right Cure


Institute - Familiar Stranger


Murderer - Piece Of Candy


Chronophage - She Paid The Ultimate Price



Toots & The Maytals - Monkey Man


The Specials - Hey, Little Rich Girl


Andy & Joey - You're Wondering Now


Sam Cooke - Cupid

Feb 27, 2020

Support these and other bands you like by buying their records, going to see them live and succoring them in other ways you see fit both financially and otherwise.



Fried E/M - No More


Chiller - Scarecrow/Whistler/Trainwreck


Peace Talks - Borders


Hellpower - Final Lesson


Quarantine - Targeted


S.H.I.T. - Eraser III


Bib - Boilin Point


Destruct - Wars Of Attrition


Combat Force - Kicking Heads


Battlefields - Battlefields


Scarecrow - Alike


Drugcharge - Operation Paperclip


Public Acid - Flag Fetish



The Paragons - Tide Is High


Toots & The Maytals - Take Me Home Country Roads


Alton Ellis & The Flames - You Made Me So Very Happy


Bob Marley & The Wailers - And I Love Her


Junior Murvin - Police And Thieves



Delta 5 - Anticipation


Bow Wow Wow - Radio G-String


Swell Maps - Let's Buy A Bridge


The Cure - M


The Fall - Container Drivers



Riki - Napoleon


Over - Cherry Blue


Chain Cult - City Of Ruins



Sniper Culture - Some Things Wrong


2x4 - Enlist! Fight! Die!


Mutant Strain - Enemy


Lumpy & The Dumpers - Attention


GG Allin - Bored To Death


Sex Pistols - No Feelings



Feb 19, 2020

More music from yesterday and today. Buy these bands records, go see them live whenever they tour. Start a band or don't. Draw a picture. Go for a walk. Don't listen to people who spend all their time podcasting.




Battlefields - And Still They Do Nothing


Combat Force - Scumbag


Peace Talks - Getting Off On Acting Out


Public Acid - New Torture


Scarecrow - Instrumentality


Sirrka - Paskapaa


Sniper Culture - Dreamers


Subliminal Excess - Wild Spiral


Reek Minds - A.M.



The Screamers - Why The World(Need A Head On)


Motorhead - We Are The Road Crew


Ramones - I'm Affected


Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen


The Haskels - Baby Let's French



Blondie - Call Me


Pat Benatar - Hit Me With Your Best Shot


The Go-Go's - We Got The Beat


The Cure - Boys Don't Cry


Modern English - Gathering Dust


Bauhaus - Dark Entries



The Touch Heads - Livin


Powerplant - Get In The Trunk


Institute - St John's Wort


Marbled Eye - New Crease


Exek - Iron Efficiency


Uranium Club - Two Things at Once






Feb 18, 2020

I should have listed every band the 3 of them have ever been. People who play punk talking about punk. we try to get Jimmy to tell his side of the story. 


This was recorded in the winter of 2018.

Feb 14, 2020







Chiller - Dread Creeps In/Remonstration/Final Names


Peace Talks - Dancing For The Flames


Reek Minds - End Of The Rail


ICD10 - Jarring Fright


Crybaby - Dual Diagnosis


Sniper Culture - Terminators


Lux - The Path


Dark Thoughts - You Gotta Find


Nubs - Job


Telefones - She's In Love With The Rolling Stones


Vast Majority - Wanna Be A Number


Really Red - Modern Needs


AK47 - The Badge Means You Suck



Riki - Earth Song


Chain Cult - Shallow Grave


Annex - Modern Age


Wipers - Taking Too Long


fIREHOSE - Brave Captain


Righeira - No Tengo Dinero



Speed Plans - Green War


Living World - Fresh


Public Acid - Why Not


Hate Preachers - Bile Of Progress


Rashomon - Surrender


Slant - Dry Heave


Una Bestia Incontrolable - La Primera Foguera


The Ruiners - 11th Floor

Jan 30, 2020

Unsurprisingly more music. Support these bands by buying their records, going too see them live and telling your friends about them. 



Necros - Peer Pressure


Negative Approach - Pressure


Deep Wound - Pressure


Jerry's Kids - Pressure


Kikeiji - Pressure


9 Shocks Terror - Constant Pressure


DiE - Pressure


Laffing Gas - Pressure


Blood Pressure - Surrounded



Poison Idea - The Badge


Slayer - War Ensemble


Neanderthal - Brain Tourniquet


Sonic Youth - Mote


Fugazi - Sieve-Fisted Find


Judas Priest - Painkiller



Slant - The Trap


Lux - Action


Sin Ritmo - Atonitos del Ritmo


Tzar Bomba - Noose Gets Tighter


Mock Execution - Reality Attack


Fuckin' Lovers - Civilized


Horrendous 3D - Depleted Uranium


The Yeasties - I Don't Know You


The Cowboy - From The Grave


Man-Eaters - Slow Demise of a Futuristic Mind


Vanity - Anticlimax


Bib - The Fool

Jan 25, 2020

A brief history of every punk song ever written. 




Boiled Men - Dark Enough


Yambag - Who Am I


The Cowboy - Swimming With The Fishies


Sin Ritmo - Bum Bum My Corazon


FOC - Terra i Forca


Hate Preachers - Wrong Side


Cruelty Bomb - Atrocities


Tzar Bomba - Cogs Keep Turning


Starvation - Nuclear Suicide


Bib - Psychodelica


Sweet Tooth - Decisions



The Scientists - It'll Never Happen Again


Nikki And The Corvettes - Back Seat Love


Ramones - I'm Affected


Tearjerkers - I'm Sorry


Siouxsie And The Banshees - Christine


The Cure - A Forest



The Annihilated - Body Count


Loose Nukes - Rizzo's Dead


Idiota Civilizzato - Gemiti


Obsessio - Suicidio


Permission - Holding Pattern


Muro - Desahuciados


S.H.I.T. - Automatic


Irreal - Ruines


Lucta - Schermo


Dark Thoughts - Silhouettes



Wipers - I'll Be Around


The Dead - Duty Calls


Subhumans - Reason For Existence


Peace Talks - Other People's Money


Speed Plans - Green War


EEL - Addiction


Institute - Too Dumb


Powerplant - Get In The Trunk


Triple Ente - Bourban En Brujas




Jan 17, 2020

Support the bands you like by going to see them live and buying their records/paying for downloads/giving them money for the thing they work hard to create that brings you happiness. 


Support me by telling people about this and giving me money via patreon 



K, thanks. 



Dark Thoughts - Where Did You Come From/Imaginary Lines


Alien Nosejob - Explosives In The Headlights


Decisions - Cruccify Peace


B.T.T.W. - Mistake


Body Farm - Rough Night


Sirkka - Lopeta Ilman Myrkytys


Eteraz - Terror


Reek Minds - Sideswiped


Putzfrau - Sick Sad World


Hate Preachers - Bent For Abuse



Teen Idles - Sneakers


Modern Warfare - Dayglo


The Buttocks - Kill The Pigs


The Mad - Disgusting


Dow Jones & The Industrials - It Ain't Good Enough


Gizmos - Bible Belt Baby


Urinals - Sex


Non Compos Mentis - Ultimate Orgasm



Dadar - Brain


R.M.F.C. - Racer


Alien Nosejob - Television Sets


Gee Tee - Pigs In The Pit


Chubby & The Gang - Bruce Grove Bullies


Institute - Roll Music


Exek - Unetiquetted



Sonia - J'perds Mon Temps Avec Moi


Leah Navarro - Patingin-tingin Lamang


Rainbow Trio - 무지개트리오 - 바삐


Cumhur - Takı Havası


Jung Nan Yi -정난이 - 내 마음은 언제나





Jan 10, 2020


Puerto Rico





The Annihilated - National Anthem
Scarecrow - Adaption
Misanthropic Mind - Seaside Sickness
Decisions - Consumer
Iced - Empty Words
Ignorantes - Ignorantes
Fairytale - Trouble

Discharge - War's No Fairytale
The Perfectors - YT502951D
Liliput - Eisiger Wind
Carsickness - Bill Wilkinson
The Broncs - Tele-K-Killing
The Cowboys - Teenage Life
Bad Brains - Pay To Cum
Dead Kennedys - Police Truck
Black Flag - Revenge

Subliminal Excess - Unified In Pain
Dog Flashback - Demo Song 2
B.T.T.W. - Goon
Affront - Perspective
Sniper Culture - Some Thing's Wrong
The Pornography Glows - Clean Necks
Mock Execution - Is This The Future?
Canal Irreal - Si Somos

Punter - Safe In The Bubble
Future Suck - Popgun
Gee Tee - Chromo-Zone
Soakie - Or You Or You
Geld - Case
Scab Eater - Lines Drawn In Blood
Tyrannamen - I Can't Read Your Mind
Grotto - Scum Bags


Jan 2, 2020

Punk sucks, it's cool. 



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