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Jun 26, 2022

Buy these bands records and go see them live when applicable. You are an essential part of the diy punk mechanism. 


Bad Breeding - Rebuilding

The Ire - Ketu: The Severed

Poison Ruin - Parade of Phantoms

Sacrecrow - Pain For Profit

Vaxine - Demone Within

ORGAN-ISM - Pudre Por Me

Woodstock '99 - Pickled Drunk Driver

Swab - To Feel Alive

Ohyda - Maszya Zła

Exploator - Onödig Skit

Irreal - Era Electronica

La Milagrosa - Asesinos

Chalk - Escapist

Crosshairs - Picked Clean


Misfits - Demonomania

G.B.H. - Heavy Discipline

Blitz - Criminal Damage

Discharge - Drunk With Power

The Stalin - 欲情

Laughin Nose - No War


The Mice - Not Proud of the USA

Radio Birdman - Aloha Steve & Danno

The Saints - This Pefect Day

The Exploding Hearts - We Don't Have To Worry Anymore

Jun 21, 2022

Buy these band's records and go see them live when applicable.


Swab - Pills In My Mouth

The Missed - Over The Ledge

Woodstock 99 - $800 Lunch Meat

Electric Chair - Live With It

Inyeccion - No Hay Propuesta

La Milagrosa - Mercenarios

Vaxine - No Sympathy for the Dead Hero

Stress Positions - Failed State

Draumar - Mareritt

Vidro - Anti allt

Thought Control - Hatelust

Repeat Offender - Nobody's Fool

Poison Ruin - Edifice 

The Ire - The Chariot

Sick Thoughts - Drug Rock

PCP & The Knives - Wind Up Dead

Dropdead - Torches


Inmates - On The Dots(Do The World A Favor)

Aus-Rotten - Media Faith

The Crucifucks - Wisconsin

False Confession - Just As I Am

Special Forces - Murder in the Streets

Zounds - True Love

Crucifix - Rise And Fall

Zero Boys - Livin' In The 80s


Worst - Time Zone

Chronic Sick - Mucho Macho

Public Disturbance - Who's Freedom Best Years

Fatal Rage - Struggle

The Beast - The Beast

Send Help - You Don't Fit

The Burnt - The Luftwaffe

Child Abuse - Live Too Fast

Beast Of Beast - Destructive Heroes

Jun 14, 2022

Buy these bands records and go see them live. Support punk any and every way you can. 


Inepsy - Who's Next

S.H.I.T. - The War On You 

Heavy Discipline - Sycophant

Fried E/M - Lifestyle Creep

Fugitive Bubble - Rotting Flower

People's Temple - Tour Tape

GUNN - Tour Tape

Zipper - Rotten to the Core

Sydrome 81 - Dans Les Rues De Brest

Ammo - Spell It Out

Living World - Safe


Inmates - Jogging In Place

Annihilation Time - About To Snap

Deaf Mutations - Mutations Shuffle

Needles - Their Lord And Land

Total Abuse - Ain't Got No One

Lebenden Toten - Dead Noise

Asko - Ahora Es El Tiempo

Jay Reatard - Always Wanting More


Heart Attack - You

Massacre Guys - City Of Fear

Social Decay - Dismal Wit

Worst - Frustration

Hammer Damage - Laugh

The Crucifucks - Washington

Flux of Pink Indians - Some of Us Scream, Some of Us Shout

Zounds - More Trouble

Discharge - Protest And Survive


No Fun - Now I Ain't Got No Face

No Submission - The Degraded Men

No Rock Stars - I Hate School

No Labels - Video Tapeworm

No Thanks - Fuck Everything

No Trend - Reality Breakdown

No Pigs - Money

No Allegiance - Last Mistake 

Jun 6, 2022

Buy these bands records and go see them live. Support punk any and every way you can. 


Poison Ruin - Parade of Phantoms

Final Gasp - Burning Body

Peace Talks - Getting Off On Acting Out

God Plutonium - I See No

Necro Heads - Faces in the Wall

Living World - World

Yambag - Seclusion

Flea Collar - Worried Wart

Flower - Rapture

I-SO - Apocalypse Anxiety

Salvaje - Mata

La Milagrosa - Camaleon

Inyeccion - Sanidad

Stress Positions - Lust for Pleasure

Impostor Syndrome - Nada Nada


Flipper - (I Saw You)Shine

Butthole Surfers - The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave

Sick Pleasure - Herpies Virus Two

No Alternative - Johnny Got His Gun

VKTMS - Bllad of Pincushion Smith

The Undead - Hitler's Brain

Society Dog - Titled Role


Machine Gun - Anti-Social

S-21 - We're Done

Blank Spell - Scythe

Rashōmon - 虐殺、発展 (Develop and Genocide)

Vanilla Poppers - Hard Work 

Brainwashed California - I don't Like You

The Cowboy - Golden Man

Citric Dummies - Cops On Bikes

Booji Boys - I Dream Of Booji

Closet Christ - Nausea

Kombat - Minister Of Death

Que Lastima - Sangre Morena 

Permission - Holding Pattern

Urochromes - Ugly People

Nick Normal - Narc Winters

Marbled Eye - Objects

Orion - Sexy Alien

Condor - Condor 


Zounds - Knife

Liliput - Do You Mind My Dream

The Raincoats - Running Away

The Dream Syndicate - Then She Remembers

Chris & Cosey - Until

Jun 1, 2022

Some of the bands that are playing Skull Fest 12. August 18-21 MMXXII Pittsburgh, PA




Guerra Final


Invader Lars


The FU's

No Time




Child Of Night

Reality Crisis


Subversive Rite

Prision Postumo

Mock Execution





Zero Boys

Chaotic Dischord


The Pist


Hysteric Polemix


De Rodillas

Blu Anxiety

Porvenir Oscuro



Big Laugh



Hounds of Hate

Little Angels

Big Baby



Soul Glo

Body Farm



Speed Plans


May 30, 2022

Buy these bands records and go see them live whenever applicable. Support each other and try to be kind to yourself as well.

For free Cruel Noise stickers and punk stuff send a self addressed stamped envelope to

Cruel Noise

3138 Dobson St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15219


Invalid - Family Values

Woodstock 99 - War

The Missed - You Otto Know

Straw Man Army - Faces In The Dark

Tower 7 - Green Piece

Absolut - Cause Of Death

Destruct - Why Not Love

The Flex - Lost Cause

Mock Execution - Mock Execution

Poison Ruin - Not Today, Not Tomorrow

Nukies - Nightmare

Irreal -Prensa Maldita

Stress Positions - Interloper

Peace Talks - Dancing For The Flame

Discharge - The Final Blood Bath

Blitz - Someone's Gonna Die

G.B.H. - Give Me Fire

The Insane - Last Day

Zanti Misfitz - Kidz Song

Vice Squad - Last Rockers

Lowlife - Logic & Lust

Disorder - Complete Disorder

The Lurkers - This Dirty Town

Chaos UK - 4 Minute Warning

UK Subs - Self Destruct

The Outcasts - Mania

The Damned -Ignite


Big Baby - Big Baby Goes Into Public

Public Trust - Bored With You

Public Acid - Flag Fetish

Bloodstains - Public Hanging

Enemigo Publico - Poder Mundial

Secreto Publico - La Masacre Del Cuerpo

Illegals - Public Relations

Inmates - Skummy/Public Exectuion

Enemigo Publico - Antirepresion

Urban Waste - Public Opinion

State Of Alert - Public Defender

Necros - Public High School

May 28, 2022

Eat At White Castle 

May 21, 2022

Buy these bands records and go see them live whenever applicable. Support each other and try to be kind to yourself as well.

For free Cruel Noise stickers and punk stuff send a self addressed stamped envelope to

Cruel Noise

3138 Dobson St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15219


The Missed - Dilly

Woodstock 99 - La Casa De Fuck You

Invalid - Active Shooter

Living World - Ubuntu

Quarantine - Widespread Terror

Mock Execution - Apocolypse Now

Vidro - En syster mer

The Flex - Inferno

Guerra Final - Demonios

Gunn - Brain On Gunn

Peoples Temple - M16

Tower 7 - Predatory Recruitment

Warthog - Digital Tumor 


Bleach Boys - That Neutron Taste 

The Dishrags - Tormented

MnMs - I'm Tired

The Hot Nasties - Invasion Of The Tribbles

Mercenaries - Martial Law

The Toys - Blanket To Blanket

Sjolmord - Holocaust

Special Forces - Death Squad

Raped Teenagers - Målet

Pig Children - Sick

Infest - Mindless


Big Laugh - Imposter

Big Baby - Big Bad

Big Bovine Industrial Wastes - seals and crofts

Big Hog - Big Hog

Big Bleach - I'm A Punk

Big Zit - ? ? ?

Big Boys - The Big Picture


Erroll Garner

May 8, 2022

Support these bands by buying their records and going to see them live when applicable.

For a free Cruel Noise sticker send a self addressed stamped envelope to Cruel Noise 3138 Dobson St. Pittsburgh PA 15219


Warthog - Terrestrial Progress

The Flex - Warboy

Mock Execution - Shanti Ra Surakxya (Peace & Security)

Concealed Blade - Never Heard

Illiterates - LB Scheme

Peace Talks - A Lasting Peace

Fried E/M - Feel The Void

Hologram - Bite The Smoke

Fashion Change - Live Alone 

Little Angels - Leather Jacket

Urban Sprawl - Commodify

Heavy Discipline - Cross To Bear


School Jerks - Arrogant Order

S.H.I.T. - Feeding Time

Violent Future - Street Prowler

Ratface - Again

Slices - Forever Cruising Hurt On The Job Mustard

Nervosas - Like Trash

Surf Nazis Must Die - Isabella

Lumpy & The Dumpers - X-Rod

Mystic Inane - Deep Creep

Culo - Adult Life Is No Fun

The Rival Mob - Be Somebody

Warthog - Shit


Living World - Spite Controller

Nasty Nancy - No Shit

God Plutonium - White Room Torture

Necro Heads - Annihilated Blind

Quarantine - Who's To Blame

Algara - Otra Generacion Mas

Inyeccion - Sanidad

Lumpen - Renuncia A Tu Vida

Lasso - Atarantado

Xero - Abuso De Poder


Dead Moon - Fire In The Western World

Poison Idea - What Happened to Sunday

Terveet Kadet - Utilization

Man Is The Bastard - Tumult Being

Assuck - Blindspot

Ramones - Poison Heart 

Apr 30, 2022

Buy these bands records go see them live and tell your friends about them and drink plenty of water and be nice to people and be nice to yourself and go walk around in nature etc etc thanks


Living World - World

Nasty Nancy - Vicar

Static Brain - 3000 Miles

AxeRash - Lucky We're Punks

Bad Breeding - Prescription

Heaven - Dead + The Living

Inyeccion - Inyeccion

Lumpen - Cicatrices

Lasso - Atarantado

Mercenary - Religious System

Primitive Fucking Ballers - No Depression

Richmond Vampire - Waltz #3 (XXX)


Last Words - Tied

Dawn Of Humans - Jazzmonster

Crazy Spirit - Bricks 

Creem - Lucid

Drug Lust - Painkiller Blues

Hounds Of Hate - Pound Of Flesh

Koward - Sick Of Dope

Blotter - Gossip Girls

Culo - On The Nod

Lumpy & The Dumpers - Bat


Straw Man Army - Day 49

Generacion Suicida - Nacidos

Mujeres Podridas - Planeta Negro

Fried E/M - Modern World

Rotten Mind - Slaughterhouse Refuges 

Poison Ruin - Demon Wind

Orion - Execution

Apr 27, 2022


Apr 19, 2022

Support these raucous groups by buying their records, going to see them live and telling your friends and family about them. If you and or someone you know want Cruel Noise stickers for the outrageous price of free send a self addressed stamped envelope to 

Cruel Noise 

3138 Dobson St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15219 


Warthog - Four Walls

Straw Man Army - Jerusalem Syndrome

Sociedad Bastarda - Policas Bastardos

Primer Regimen - Lideres

Mujeres Podridas - Al Reves

Nasty Nancy - Emperor

Mercenary - Escape Reality

S.H.I.T. - Hidden in Eternity

Lasso - Fechado Em Copas

Puffer - Puppet

Erik Nervous - Leather Liquid


The Misfits - Laughing Lover

Misfits - Astro Zombies

G.G. Allin - You Hate Me & I Hate You

Wipers - No Solution 

Neo Boys - Time Keeps Time

Liliput - In a mess


Rotten Mind - Damaged State Of Mind

The Vicious - It's All A Lie

Sweeping Promises - Pain Without A Touch

C.C.T.V. - Bob-Ee

Generacion Suicida - Jaulas

The Shivvers - Please Stand By

The Saints - This Perfect Day


Defnics - 51 Percent

x_x - You're Full Of Shit

The Lepers - Cops

The Baloney Heads - Life's Rough

The Broncs - Tele-K-Killing

Strychnine - Jack The Ripper

The Wild Giraffes - Love Me

Severe - Her Name Was Jane 

Apr 12, 2022

Support these bands by buying their records and going to see them live when applicable.

For a free Cruel Noise sticker send a self addressed stamped envelope to Cruel Noise 3138 Dobson St. Pittsburgh PA 15219


Living World - Safe

Yambag - Squid

Slug - Estrangement

Piss Me Off - Relief

Choir Boy - Sweet Candy

Show Pink - Rubber Surf

Buggin - Brainfreeze

Zulu - Straight From Da Tribe On Tha Moon

LIB - Nothing Left

Real People - FBI's Brain Melter

Peoples Temple - Detached Reality

Bad Breeding - Human Capital

No Future - Pig Fiend


Rudimentary Peni - Farce 

Omega Tribe - Time For Change

Sleeping Dogs - (I Got My Tan In) El Salvador

Conflict - I've Had Enough

Crass - Don't Tell Me You Care

Dirt - Slaughterhouse Rock Canvey Island

Polemic Attack - Manipulated Youth

Anthrax - All The Wars


Big Baby - Serotonin Baby

Lansbury - Witness

Rat-Nip - Well Wisher

Ratface - Ratfaced

The Spits - Rat Face

Rotten Mind - Die Young

Krigshoder - Ditt Eget Stalingrad Hatet

Semtex 87 - Gas Pig

Xero - Scheme

Mercenary - Feeding

Last Words - Ripped

Last Affront - Glass House

Subliminal Excess - Burning Feeling


Apr 11, 2022

Buy these bands record and go see them live when possible. Tell your friends about the bands you like. Spread the good word of "punk."


For free Cruel Noise sticker(s) and other assorted punk junk send a self addressed stamped envelope to 


Cruel Noise

3138 Dobson st.

Pittsburgh, PA 15219


Nasty Nancy - Clout Killer

Living World - 

Hologram - Innate

Fashion Change - House of Trash

Fried E/M - Lobotomy

Mujeres Podridas - Te Odio

The Chisel - Tooth and Nail

Quarantine - Suffocating Rule

Kontusion - Blood Church

Semtex 87 - Robbed You 

Xero - Culpa

Sociedad Bastarda - Bobardeo De Ruido


Faith - Trapped

Void - Time To Die

Misfits - Vampira

The Undead - My Kinda Town

Undead - Dead Revolution

The Ejected - Have You Got 10p?

Mayhem - Blood Money

Chaos UK - Four Minute Warning

Chaotic Dischord - You're Gonna Die

Court Martial - Fight For Your Life

Vice Squad - Scarred For Life


Chronophage - Black Cloud

The Hazmats - Empty Rooms

Rotten Mind - Degenerates 

Detainees - All Eyes On You

Barlow - Arm of Gold(for Denise June Thurman)

Choir Boy - Shatter

Show Pink - Tina

Puffer - Prisoner Of Your Love

Ribbon Stage - Cry in the Driveway

Erik Nervous - Big Noise



Mar 18, 2022
Mar 15, 2022

Support these bands by buying their records and going to see them live.
Start your own band/zine/show/scene.
RIP to the Bad Guy Scott Hall. 



Invertebrates - Red Lake Earth


Tower 7 - FTP II


Straw Man Army - Faces In The Dark


Xero - Angustia Severa


Semtex 87 - CIB


Instruct - No Option


Big Baby - Alienized


Sycophant - Warzone Mentality


Peoples Temple - Human Livestock


GUNN - Not Original


Fried E/M - Die Laughing



Red Cross - Rich Brat


Anti - I Don't Wanna Die


Civil Dismay - Warhol Genius Filch


China White - Criminal


The Minutemen - Shit You Hear At Parties


100 Flowers - Sensible Virgin


Plebs - Payday


Saccharine Trust - Disillusion Fool



The Exploding Hearts - (Making) Teenage Faces


The Spits - Black & Blue


Jay Reatard - You Mean Nothing to Me


Ratface - Fukushima Nightmare


Crucifix - Search for the Sun


Foreign Legion - Trenchline


Bastards - Impossibilities


ESG - Dance



Sick Pleasure - Three Seconds of Pleasure


Code Of Honor - Fight Or Die


Flipper - Shed No Tears


Dead Kennedys - Nazi Punks Fuck Off Moral Majority


Icons Of Filth - Fucked Up State


Flux of Pink Indians - Is There Anybody There?


Chaotic Dischord - Sold Out To The G.P.O.


Mar 9, 2022
Go see Little Angels & Illiterates on tour Philly 3/11, NYC 3/12 & Richmond 3/13

Also, buy theses bands records and go to see them live whenever applicable. Punk is all of us so be a part of it and start your own band. 


Straw Man Army - State of the Art


Tower 7 - Sacrificial Deposit


Instruct - Isolation


Armor - Fraud


Cruelster - American Boots for Who Billie Bloth


Bad Noids - Into The Future My Friend Greg


Dog Date - Hellpod


Save Our Children - S.O.C. 


Peoples Temple - Dead Soldiers


GUNN - Blackout


Sycophant - Warzone Mentality


Erupt - Shinin Claymore



The Exploding Hearts - Your Shadow


Reatards - You Stupid Asshole


Final Solutions - Eat Shit


The Spits - Take Back The Alley


Surf Nazis Must Die - Why Has Every Str8 Edger To Be A Tough Guy?


Destrucción - Anti-Patria


Sida - Destrucción


Violent Ramp - Pay To Skate


Inmates - Skummy/Public Execution



Hounds of Hate - Intro No Redemption


Big Baby - Baby Punks(We'll Kick Your Butt)


Lansbury - Under Pressure


Little Angels - Happy Birthday


Illiterates - Urban Hillbilly


Speed Plans - Tire Iron


RAT-NIP - Hard Pass


Detainees - All Eyes On You



Artificial Rose - The Unquiet Grave


Child Of Night - Unafraid


Molchat Doma - Leningradskiy Blues


Orion - Church Bells 

Feb 27, 2022

As always support these bands by buying their records going to see them live telling your friends about them etc etc etc make punk happen and start your own band 


The Spits - Police


Dark Thoughts - Falling Out


Ropes - Down In Flames


Conway - Piper


Westside Gunn - Summer Slam 88


Jedi Mind Tricks - Death March



Sycophant - Ego Crucifixion


Tower 7 - Possession


Quarantine - Self Ashamed


The Chisel - So Do I


Rifle - The Flag


Ingrates - Learn to Love it


Sheer Mag - Hardly to Blame


Artificial Rose - Willie of Winsbury



The Misfits - Mommi I'm A Misfit


Misfits - Mommy Can I Go Out & Kill Tonight(Live)


YDI - Rizzo's Cumming Back


The Essentials - Turn Off Your Radio


Nervebreakers - Hijack The Radio


Breakouts - Junkies


Poison Idea - Laughing Boy


Wipers - Romeo



Fried E/M - Turquoise Soup


Hologram - Phantom Limb


Fashion Change - Death Is A Mirror


Fashion Pimps and the Glamazons - The Forest People


Generacion Suicida - Ilusion


Mujeres Podirdas - Mañana


Ataque Zerø - Máquina


Impostor Syndrome - Maldito


Erupt - Floating Head


Spodee Boy - Neon Lights



Feb 21, 2022

Support these bands by buying their records and going to see them live.


Necro Heads - Positive

God Plutonium - Turn Away

Invalid - Stupid Pills

Impostor Syndrome - Ceased To Wear

DELCO MF'S - Locked In

Quarantine - Mouth Off

The Chisel - So Do I

Invertebrates - Shit Pit

PISS ME OFF - Eight Guys

Axe Rash - Wrath

Brain Squeeze - Kill A Cop

Peoples Temple - Horny Warheads

Nisemono 偽者 - 無常 (Mujo)

Anti-Machine - Shut Up

Lasso - Nemisis

AUTO - Karoshi


100 Flowers - Reject Yourself

Voodoo Idols - Grunt Grunt

Ground Zero - Living In Tandem

Misfits - Night Of The Living Dead

Minor Threat - Stand Up

State of Alert - I Hate the Kids

Iron Cross - Wargames

Faith - You're X-ed

No Labels - Klan Man

Descendents - I'm Not A Punk


Fried E/M - Pleasure OD

Final Gasp - Screaming Heaven

Indre Krig - Fucked Up

namatay sa ingay - Manhid

S-21 - Stripped Of My Tongue

S.H.I.T. - Eraser III

Armor - Military Discount 

Nosferatu - New Hope

Pobreza Mental - Falsa Vida

Blank Spell - Echo Chamber

Kim Phuc - Wormwood Star

The Roobydocks - I Am Going To Kill You

Citric Dummies - We're Gonna Borrow Your Gear(Tonight)

Urochromes - I Don't Wanna Be Like Me

Booji Boys - I Dream Of Booji

Nick Normal - Narc Winters

Big Bleach - Long Groover 

Jan 31, 2022

DELCO MF'S - Watching Me/MF Stomp


Impostor Syndrome - Nada Nada


Mujeres Podridas - Hijos de la Frontera


Nisemono 偽者 - 偽者 (Nisemono)


I-SO - I Hate America 


Anti-Machine - Euthanize


Final Gasp - Corpse Powder


Poison Ruin - Fog of War(Live)


O.U.T. - Break Your Back


Piss Me Off - Big Money


Axe Rash - Wrath



Crucifucks - Leave Me Alone


Schund - Aufstand


Liliput - In A Mess


Sötlimpa - Då E De Bra


Vonbrigdi - Bornin pin


N.O.T.A. - Moscow


P.V.P. - Ah, Ah, Ah


Terror - ar 2005


The Seize - 17 To 11


Skunks - The Mad Song


Waste - Brain Wash


The Take - Tonight


Beton Combo - Zubrowka


Invertebrates - Shit Pit


Necro Heads - Positive


God Plutonium - Shallow


Genetica - Deliverance


Flea Collar - Skim Milk


namatay sa ingay - Pagkagapos


Jodie Faster - Punk Police


The Spits - Flags


Dark Thoughts - I.T.L.


Lost Balloons - Flower Mound



Solid Space - New Statue(Morning Song)/A Darkness in My Soul

Jan 10, 2022

Please support these bands by buying their records, telling your friends about them and going to see them live when applicable.


Faze - Burn it Faster


Last Affront - Sundown


Ztuped - Wheels Within Wheels


Reek Minds - Sideswiped


Loss Prevention - Devil's Food


Zig Zag - Zig Zag


Kontaminate - Crime For Revenge


Big Laugh - No Embrace


Subliminal Excess - Wild Spiral


Sniper Culture - Brad's World


Armor - Military Discount


Haircut - The Match



Bad Brains - Sailin' On


Void - Who Are You


Artificial Peace - Artificial Peace


Die Kreuzen - This Hope


Negative Approach - Can't Tell No One


Ground Zero - Controversy


Sadistic Exploits - Apathy


Misfits - All Hell Breaks Loose


Nihilistics - You're To Blame


The FU's - Preskool Dropouts


Jerry's Kids - Desperate


SS Decontrol - Boiling Point



Necro Heads - Faces in the Wall


God Plutonium - Atomic Decade


Little Angels - Leather Jacket


Illiterates - The Lab


Speed Plans - Brick Wall


Living World - Earthling Man


Heavy Discipline - Lockstep


No Time - Degenerate



Puncture Wound - Break A Leg


Gordon Solie Motherfuckers - Bought And Sold


Possessor - The Black & The Red


Annihilation Time - Too High To Die


Ratface - Chaos Never Die


EEL - Fuck Off Human Insect


Illegals - Gold Rolex


Decapitators - Intro/Wind Dispersal


Scavenger Of Death - Scavenger Of Death


Testa Dura - Vendetta



Invertebrates - Down Under


Poison Ruin - Phalanx


Manestra - Δεν κολλάς πουθενά


S.H.I.T. - Hidden in Eternity


Genetica - Fatal Incompetence


Tupperware - No More


Scarecrow - Rationalization


Scalple - Behind the Service Weapon



Jan 3, 2022

Welcome to 2022. Make the best of it. Support the bands you like in a way that makes sense to you. Drink plenty of water. Try to get some sleep. 




God Plutonium












Oscuridad Eterna


Rik and the Pigs


Poison Ruin










The Cowboy








Masacre 68






Que Lastima








Amdi Petersens Arme


Gorilla Angreb


Rotten Mind






Mental Abuse


Ronnie and the Rayguns


Modern Warfare


The Moderns


Rik L Rik


Rhythm Pigs


Picture Frame Seduction



Dec 30, 2021

Punk hardcore etc musique 










Will McAndrew


The Ire




Tee-Vee Repairman


Island of Love


Abi Ooze




Fashion Pimps and the Glamazons


The Cowboy


Woodstock '99




Electric Chair




Mock Execution


Big Zit




Indre Krig






Tower 7






Alien Nosejob






SQK Fromme






Rata Negra


Generacion Suicida


Straw Man Army

Dec 24, 2021

punk etc

Dec 20, 2021

First and foremost you must put on your truest eyes and ask yourself: ARE YOU A FOLDIE? 


Steve and I talked in his record store Hausfrau Records in Cleveland for much longer than I thought we would and I believe the result to be somewhere in, around or near righteous. Companion episode with most of the bands mentioned soon(ish) to follow. 


1-38 min: we talk about college radio, kiss, metalllica, the doors, van halen(sammy hagar era), limp bizkit, bad religion's 3 guitar players, anxiety
39 min: 9 Shocks Terror, intro into diy punk, eventual participation and beyond.

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