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Oct 19, 2018

Break out of your comfort zone and take a chance already. Your life is only what you make of it.



Blood Pressure - Recluse/Misanthropy


Stigmatism - The Aggressor/It's Too Late


Vanity - Cease Fire


L'amour - Sunglass Party



Warthog - Death's Hand/Brainwasher


Liquids - Shitty Fucking D.N.A.


Electric Chair - Old Man


Idiota Civiliazzato - Gemiti


U-NIX - Liberal Hardcore


Eteraz - جهنم (خونمو می‌خوای؟)


Pine Taar - The Time Is Here


C.H.E.W. - Gag Order



The Cure - Killing An Arab


Siouxsie & The Banshees - Hong Kong Garden


Crisis - UK78


XTC - Meccanic Dancing


Motorhead - I'll Be Your Sister



Medium Ugly - Born To Die, Forced To Stay Alive/Sharp Things


Mom - Proof Is In The Pudding/Piper Is In The Pudding


Porno Glows - Clean Necks


Pentas - Mock Me


Poor Excuse - Runner Up


HIRS - Worship



In A Hot Coma - I Wanna Stay Up All Night


Orbits - Make The Rules


The Shivvers - Please Stand By


Faux Depart - Doctissimo


Rata Negra - Mientes


Pigeon - Hoisin



Gene Simmons - See You Tonite


Paul Stanley - Love In Chains



Oct 14, 2018

How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not trying to be a dick but seriously. Buy these bands records, go see them live and make the scene what you want it to be or start a new one.


S.L.I.P. - Killed By Meth


Rata Negra - Es Unica


Exotica - Desciendo


Apsurd - Mucina 


Rashomon - Surrender




Dagger - Hexes Song 2


C.H.E.W. - Patience


Video Filth - Media Games



The Screamers - Why The World



Lou Profa & Los Zvuk - Porucujem Svima


Lord Manuel(La Peste Boston) - Computer Love


The Deadbeats - Brainless


Devo - Sloppy(I Saw My Baby Getting)


The Human League - Being Boiled



Vanilla Poppers - A Stranger


Terry - For The Field


The Chats - Smoko


BB and the Blips - Corrections


Amyl and the Sniffers - Some Mutts


Orion - Turbulence



Condor - Chacun Pour Sui


T.A.Z. - Unititled 1


Rotten Mind - Your Voice Inside My Head


Dark Thoughts - I Wish


Arctic Flowers - Hallow Water


Donkey Bugs - Three Times Fast



Permission - Frictionless


Devil Master - Gates Of Pain


Forward - Penetration


Fuckin' Lovers - White Light


Cold Feet - Negotiator


Subdued - Greyzone



Cymande - Bra


Ketty Lester - Love Letters 




Oct 7, 2018

Buy these bands records, go see them live, contribute to the scene you have or create your own. 



Ramones - S.L.U.G.(Basic Rough Mix)


Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Liars Beware


P.I.G.Z. - Stooges


The Kids - Bloody Belgium


Prljavo Kazaliste - Moj Otac Je Bio U Ratu


Brats - I Do What I Wanna Do


Elektrochok - Consume


The Stiffs - Fuck You



Rata Negra - Asesino


La Misma - O Terceirco Genero


Riesgo - Destroi


Khiis - Namak


Tozcos - Ritmo De La Muerte


Sial - Patuh


Idiota Civilizzato - Polvere


Mala Leche - En Celo



Fuckin' Lovers - Fuckin Lover


Ratface - Bleak Futures


Ultrarat - Avanie


C.H.E.W. - Open Secret


Flower - Distraction From Atrocity


Cell - Limit


Suck Lords - Second Tape Song 4


Reek Minds - Demo Song 2


Chow Line - High Road


S.H.I.T. - Cooker



Marbled Eye - Vanity


Orion - Execution


Pawns - Herxing


Wind Atlas - Ruins



The Landlords - Let's Be Negative


Pure Hate - Glory To The Brave


Not Shit - Challenger


The Nosebleeds - Facist Pigs


Wipers - Youth Of America



Howlin' Wolf - Forty Four


Merle Haggard - Workin Man Blues



Sep 20, 2018

Buy these bands records, go see them live, give them money, start a band, put out records, book shows, etc.



Vanilla Poppers - Get Away From Me


Pine Taar - I Declare War


The Roobydocks - Polygon Field


Gills - Gilded Peaks


Der Kommisar - Athlete's Foot


Inmates - Ronnie James Melnick


Brainwashed Youth - I Don't Exactly Like You


The Guns - Support


Confront - One Life Drug Free



Bow Wow Wow - W.O.R.K.(N.O. Nah No No My Daddy Don't)


The Go-Go's - How Much More?


The Sleepers - Angel In A Raincoat


Gatecrashers - Spectator


No Thanks - Office Jerk/Rat Cheese


The Landlords - My Monotony



Public Acid - Incapacitate


Mala Leche - Incapacitate


Malcria - Chingas A Tu Madre


Ulceras - Cuchilla


Control - Sindicato


Sial - Huru-Hara


Hologram - Anestetized


Terrorist - Is This Life?


Electric Chair - Drag Me


Permission - Kindness And Mercy



Shadow Age - Reign


Molchat Doma - Na Dne


Orion - Church Bells


Turquoise Days - Grey Skies



Mom's Plate - I Don't Like You


BB And The Blips - Omnia


T.A.Z. - Untitled 2


Pineapple RNR - Teenager


CCTV - Call 2 235-U


Erik Nervous - Huboon Stomp


Pious Faults - Field


Lebenden Toten - Inferno



Savage Rose - A Trial In Our Native Town

Sep 6, 2018

John "Broken Record" Villegas says to support these bands by buying their records and going to see them live whenever they are in or around your town. Now stoke the fires of your own scene or create the one you want to see!


Public Acid - Why Not


Electric Chair - Prisons/Ropes


Physique - Cross


C.H.E.W. - Still Stuck


Mala Leche - En Celo


Control Test - No Me Digas Nada


Cruelster - Coco's Secret


Patti - Voodoo


Twisted Thing - Haunted



Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Love Comes In Spurts


Ramones - Swallow My Pride


Dust - Suicide


Estus - 90 MPH



Marbled Eye - Laughing Sound


Orion - Execution


Ritual Veil - All Black


Twisted Nerve - Never Say Goodbye


Choir - Overbite



Dark Thoughts - With You/Watch You Walk Away


Radioactivity - When I'm Gone


The Missed - The Hard Way


Tenement - Your Life Or Mine


Sheer Mag - Just Can't Get Enough



Built To Spill - Big Dipper/Stab

Aug 30, 2018

You already know but let me reiterate; support these bands by buying their records and going to see them live whenever you can. You are an integral part of diy punk take pride in making it what you want it to be. 


Booji Boys - Unknown Pleathers


Chiller - Deep Descent


BB Eye - Running Out Of Time


Mala Leche - Planeta Prohibido


Control Test - Suicida


The Brass - Psychic War


Beta Boys - Red Devil


Pious Faults - Cope



Orion - Sexy Alien


Pawns - Brimstone & Fire


Mass Exhibit - Trapped


The Jesus & Mary Chain - Snakedriver


The Cure - A Forest



Sial - Leta


Permission - Sequence


Fex Urbis - What's Going On With You


No - Nothing


Khiis - Saboor


Idiota Civilizzato - Atti Di Follia


Jad - Czas


Mock Execution - On The Edge


Pobreza Mental - Pesadilla



The Landlords - Bathroom Bigot


State Of Confusion - Blanket Power


Cocadictos - Fieles Siempre Al Vicio


Fatal Rage - Fatal Mistake


Mandarines - When I Do I Will Die


Gobblinz - Women In Love



Cyndi Lauper - She Bop/When You Were Mine

Aug 15, 2018

THEE OFFICIAL SKULL FEST PODCAST. Support these bands by going to see them when they play and buying their records etc.



Parasytes - Boxed In


Negativ - N.A.T.


Khiis - Tokhme Sag


Lupus - Paranoia


BB Eye - Marinated Toe


Iron Wind - Ready To Fight


Kollission - Cretins



Ritual Howls - Zemmoa


American Nudism - Future Shock


Sisters of Shaddowwe - Beckoner


Death Instinct - Sacrifice



Agent - Heat


Killer Of Sheep - Lose Control


Reason of Insanity - Not So Fucking Brite


Drug Lust - Absolut Failure/No One Is Home


Protes Bengt - Paskatamning/Vattenkammad/Jojo-punks


Annihilation Time - About To Snap


Cro-Mags - Hard Times



The Proletariat - Allegiance


The F.U.'s - Peer Police


Sadist - Climb


Haram - The Prophet


Mueco - Mindless Instinct


Mati - Όπως Δίποτα


Beta Boys - Laugh/Cry


S.L.I.P. - Mental Abuse



Mob 47 - Fuck Bowie


Lebenden Toten - At The Window


Isotope - Wake Up Screaming


Blood Pressure - Kick The Ladder


Arctic Flowers - Magdalene


Pleasure Leftists - Elephant Man


Pawns - Damascus


Dame - Glitch


Silent Age - No Games To Play



Impalers - Mower


Vile Gash - Parasitic


Petite - Spent Force


PMS 84 - Security


No Time - Reprobate


Machine Gun - Outcast


Peace Talks - Vanity


Kim Phuc - Thug


Dark Thoughts - Psycho Ward


Stiff Love - Out of Control



Aug 2, 2018

Buy these bands records and support them and your fellow punks and miscreants by going to shows and participating in any and all d.i.y. activities within your community. Please and thank you. 



Blood Pressure - Kick The Ladder


S.L.I.P. - The Dealer


Peace Talks - Instigate


Vanilla Poppers - I Like Your Band


Cruelster - The Pipeline Could Work


Donkey Bugs - Three Times Fast


Inmates - C.U.M. On The Punx



The Kids - I Wanna Get A Job In The City


Der Stab - Tracers


Vatican Commandos - Wonder Bread


Snuky Tate - Stage Speech


Stigmatism - Your Demise


Lamour - Sunglass Party



Cider - Out To Get Me/Hate This World/Thanks For Nothing


Erik Nervous - Do-Do


Beta Boys - Laugh/Cry


Stiff Love - Attitudes


Cement Shoes - I Saw The Devil Again(Last Night)


Vanity - It's That Way For A Reason


The Shifters - Melbourn & Monash Youth League



Rina - Yo No Consigo Nada


Estado Facista - Demon Song 2


Cutre - Lobotomizan Tus Ideas


Perra Vida - Acoso


Urbanoia - Skarpladd Vapen, Blod Pa Tann


Shame - Resistance


O.U.T. - Behavior


Permission - Ambition



Kenny Rogers & First Edition - Tulsa Turnaround


Dolly Parton - Getting Happy

Jul 9, 2018

Support these bands by going to see them live and buying their records. Now start your own band.


S.L.I.P. - Drive To Control


Peace Talks - Vanity


Choir - Overbite


Living World - G Bong


Kim Phuc - Self-Medication


No Time - Degenerate



No Fun - Now I Ain't Got No Face


Viletones - Back Door To Hell


Subhumans - Death To The Sickoids


Ed Nastee & The Dopeds - I'm Gonna Be Everything


Razar - Stamp Out Disco


Gli Incesti - Sabato Midnight


Tubeway Army - Blue Eyes


The Adverts - New Church



Erik Nervous - Saint Loo-E


Wonder Bread - I Hate Punk Rock


Andy Human - Land Of The Dinosaurs


Smarts - Golden Arches


The Smarthearts - Let Us In


Nimroids - Kick My Ass



Crack Cloud - Cap Cloak


Rende-Vouz - Distance


Human Tetris - Things I Don't Need


Autumn Cathedral - The Artist



Bodybags - Bodybags


Ammo - Nausea Nightmare


Extended Hell - Noxious Fumes


Headsplitters - Tomorrow


Muro - No Mas


Killakee Kat - Stuck Inside Your Head


Crippled Youth - Positive Scene


Fits - Bored Of Education



Bonnie Raitt - I Can't Make You Love Me


Neil Young - Mellow My Mind


Scrapper Blackwell - Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out


Lou Reed - Perfect Day

Jun 28, 2018

At this point you must have at least a vague idea of how this works. It's only D.I.Y. if you are involved so contribute in anyway you can, punk doesn't work without your input. 



Dark Thoughts - Side A of "At Home"



Inmates - I Believe I Can Die


Soakie - Or You Or You


Electric Chair - Dim Light


Quick Fix - Always Was


Terrorist - Insane


Soda - Ruido De La Urbe


Germen - Whiplash



Veda - Whiplash


Sad Lovers & Giants - Cloud 9


Nicht - Hallo Kartoffelsalat


Marbled Eye - Leisure


Vintage Crop - New Age



S.V.D.B. - Your Friendly Local Polic


Angry Red Planet - Mummy From Hollywood


Direct Action - Tommorrow's Too Late


Data Morgana - Sammfunnets Moralister


Declino - Libero


Hates - No Talk In The Eighties


Chumps - Jet Lag Drag



Belton Richard & The Musical Aces - I'm Not A Fool Anymore


Faith Allen - Is This All There Is To A Honky Tonk


Iry Lejeune - Convict Waltz

Jun 15, 2018

Buy these bands records and go see them live when applicable. Now start your own punk. 



Straight A's - Fuck It Up


Rina - Vulnerables


Khiis - Tokhme Sag


S.H.I.T. - Destiny


Geld - Dog Tired


Altered State - Take The Knife


Fetish - Taste The Knife


Long Con - Failing Tourniquet



Massacre 68 - Policias Corruptos


Bitousha - 犠牲者としての享楽


Bad Posture - Time For Smack


Sado-Nation - I'm Trouble


Out Of Our Head - Warzone


Raticide - Manege



Kid Chrome - I've Had It


Vintage Crop - American Living


Kitchen People - Fantasy Boy


Criminal Code - Exiled


Rata Negra - Dientes Sobre El Metal


Generacion Suicida - Soldados



Tozcos - Ideolgias


Sangre De Abajo - No Mas!!!!


DFMK - Solipsista


Stagger - Choice


Alienation - -Bitter Boys


Lysol - Teenage Trance


Eraserheads - Pressure


Public Acid - Rubbernecker



Poison Idea - Self Abuse


Elliott Smith - Happiness


Jun 1, 2018

Be a positive force in this existence by supporting these artist in anyway you can. Whether it is buying their albums or going to see them live do whatever makes sense for you to contribute to the diy punk scene(s) locally and abroad. Also, start your own band, zine, collective, zine, podcast, label, etc.



Criminal Code - Exiled


Tarantula - Amphetamine Manimal


Damagers - Again and Again


Morte Lenta - Paranoia


The Conscripts - To What End?


Abrazos - Belligerent and Numerous


Trash Knife - Inna Funk


Pineapple RnR - Rain Cage


Trauma Harness - Organ Donor



The Window - Boy Can I Dance Good


The Pleasure Seekers - What A Way To Die


Orchids - (What) If Boys Got Pregnant


Ice 9 - Revolting Mess


Urinals - Sex


Trial - From the Sky...



Suck Lords - Burn


Firing Squad - Enemy


Blobs - Creepy Crawl


Sju Svara Ar - Maskeradbalen


Pandemix - Exit Strategy


Pig Frenzy - Oral Moral


Landline - Landline


New Vogue - Birdcage(Slap Yourself Free)



Rata Negra - El Automata


Desenterradas - Delirios


Cruz De Navajas - Las Personas Son Bestias


Aviador Dro - La Chica De Plexiglas


Oppenheimer Analysis - Modern Wonder



Elliot Smith - Say Yes


Elliot Smith - Junk Bond Trader(Early Version)


May 30, 2018

Another olde one. However you should still be doing your part by support these groups and the "scene" in general. K, thanks bye.



La Misma- Moradia


Latex- Blindfolded


The Drip- Demo Song


Dark Thoughts- I Get By


Edhochuli- Erase The Past



The Deacons- Rich Boy


Big Zit- Eggs


C.C.T.V.- Mind Control


Quitter- Altered Flesh


Vanilla Poppers- Axe Wound


The Comes- Public Circle


Prison Moan- Not Reality/Round Trip



Jim Sleez & Teenage Tits- I'm Punk & I Don't Care


EEL- Fuck Off Human Insect


Disorder- Todays World


Disgusti- Long Night


Vacant Life- Clairvoyant


The Execute- A-Z



Muerte- Exterminio


Kim Phuc- Wormwood Star


Fearless Iranians From Hell


Lights Out- Won't Survive


Cold Sweat- Fuck and Smile



Mariah Carey featuring Boyz II Men- One Sweet Day


May 25, 2018

Buy these bands albums and everything thing else they are peddling. Also, go see them live whenever possible. Now go do something for your own community. 




Slaughter Rule - Kill Him


Cement Shoes - Zang!


S.H.I.T. - Destiny


Cocteau Twins - Spooning Goo Singing Gum


The Number Ones - Breaking Loose


Geld - Balaclava Mask


Terrorist - Insane



CCTV - Call 3/Bobby


Wire - Outdoor Miner


Saint Vitus - The Creeps


Tarantula - Brained Out


Flowers For Agatha - The Common Enemy


Missbrukarna - SFF


Nightmare - Omae



Erik Nervous & The Beta Blockers - Violent Dreams


Rina - Dejen Vivir A Lxs Marginadxs


Voight-Kampff - Bleach In The Sun


Gumming - Sinking Ship


The Conscripts - Protect & Survive


The Jesus & Mary Chain - Sidewalking


Agravio - Me Van A Matar



Pandemix - Total Immersion


Systematic Death - Open Your Eye


Oppenheimer Analysis - Men In White Coats


Ebba Gron - Total Vagra


Wermacht - The Wermacht


Bit Rot - Nuclear Salt


Warkrime - Power


Skeleton - Destroy


Motorsav - Neonvind



Built To Spill - Stab


" - Broken Chairs

May 14, 2018

You already know. Buy these bands records. Go see them live. The people doing this put effort into it so reciprocate even a little for once. Now go do something productive. 


The Number Ones - You're So Happy I Could Cry


Erik Nervous & The Beta Blockers - I'm A Brick


The Bills - Looking For You


Brown Sugar - 2012


Alien Nosejob - Caffeine OD


Gen Pop - Waxing State


Marbled Eye - New Crease


Natural Man - Beam



Alaska Y Dinarama - Perlas Ensangrentadas


Ataque De Caspa - LaLaLa


Metal Y Ca - Velocidad


Los Iniciados - Pete Pan


Fanzine - Llegas Tarde


Aviador Dro - Selector De Frecuencias



Terrorist - Is This Life?


S.H.I.T. - Algorithm


Que Lastima - Tierra Violada


Inhalant - 2


Graveside - Nightmares


La Misma - Ta Rabida Sin Es Ta Bira L Na Bo


Impalers - Spider Sisters/Rippin Rope


Rixe - Nuit Rasoir



Violent Ramp - Danforth


Massacre Guys - City Of Fear


Genetic Control - Suburban Life


Vatican Commandos - Why Must I Follow


Blitz - Voice Of A Generation


Warheads - Dagen Ar Natt


Vibrators - Whips And Furs



Heatmiser - Christian Brothers


Elliot Smith - Junk Bond Trader


May 6, 2018

Support the diy punk community by buying these bands records and going to see them live! Now start your own scene, band, whatever just get out there and contribute.


Choir - Guilt Drip

Spaceman Spliff - Fresh

Booji Boys - I Wanna Be So Good

CCTV - Call 2 235-U

The Stance - On The Run(Again)

Twisted Thing - Prisoner

Control Test - Sin Sentimiento


Que Lastima - Sangre Morena

Rina - Cansada

Rata Negra - Gente

Cruz De Navajas - The Mirror Breaks

Vertigo - Distancia

1991 - Compromiso - mil novecientos noventa y uno


Cardi B - I Like It

Acrangel ft Bad Bunny - Tu No Vive Asi

Marcelo D2 - Voce Diz Que O Amor Nao Doi

Mariahlynn - Tab Reloaded


Razar - Task Force(Undercover Cops)

The Rowdies - A.C.A.B.

Captain Sensible & The Softies - Jet Boy, Jet Girl

The Alternators - Kid Don't Know

Helen Keller - Surfin'(With Steve and ED Amin)

The Adverts - No Time To Be 21


Cement Shoes - Inmate

The Inmates - Cement Shoes

Concrete Lawn - Concrete Lawn

Concrete Sox - Senile Fools

FDR - Concrete Feet


Ernest Tubb - Drivin' Nails In My Coffin


Apr 12, 2018

Support diy punk by buying these bands records and going to see them live. Punk requires your input so get in the pit and try to love someone. 


Drug Lust - Absolute Failure


CCTV - Call1/Simbiosis


Decimal - (I Don't Wanna Listen To) Goregrind


Permanent Debt - Permanent Debt


Boss - I'm The Dog(You're The Ball)


Private Sector - Survival(Is Killing Me)


SLAC - Cave Dweller



Cruz De Navajas - Parasitos


Desenterradas - Dr Jekyl(Version Kante Pinrelico)


Shadow Age - The Fall


Horror Vacui - Don't Dance With Me


House of Harm - Always(Life Is Pain)



Rachel Sweet - B-A-B-Y


The Fingers - Isolation


Destroy All Monsters - You're Gonna Die


Wire - Too Late


Mr. Kite - 共犯者



The Number Ones - Lie To Me


Flower - Arbitrary Line


Nandas - Vilette


Mati - Ξενοφοβία


Primer Regimen - Reaccion Violenta



Poison - Tokyo Hungry Punks


Outo - Never Win


Nightmare - Bleak Life


Systematic Death - Sink You


Lip Cream - 八岐之大蛇


Death Side - Money Don't Come and Go


Boredoms - Bite My Bollocks



Selena - Con Tanto Amor(Medley)

Apr 4, 2018

Support these bands!


Vel The Wonder - Backseat


Gavlyn & DJ Hoppa - Looking Back(Feat. Vel The Wonder & Reverie)


Czarface & MF Doom - Bomb Thrown


August Greene - Optimistic(Feat. Brandy)



La Peste - Better Off Dead


Viletones - Don't You Lie


Rocks - Too Bad


Buzzcocks - Love You More


Squad - Red Alert


The Skinnies - Out Of Order


The Enemy - I Need An Enemy



Big Hog - Big Hog


Machine Gun - Traitor


Army - Demo Song 1


Nosferatu - No Army


Enemy One - True Blue




Stand Up - Working Class Abuse


Mueco - Mindless Instinct



The Number Ones - Long Way To Go


Richard Hell & The Voidoids - The Kid With The Replacable Head


The Swamp Rats - No Friend Of Mine


Verbal Abuse - Free Money


Belching Penguins - There's Gonna Be A War


Suburban Mutilation - Daddy Was A Nazi


Kneecappers - Love On The Sidewalk


Cider - Out To Get Me

Mar 23, 2018

Buy these bands records. Go see them live. Give them your hard earned money. Start a band. Contribute to your scene or start your own. Life sucks if you aren't doing something you love. Find the thing, pour your life into it, repeat.


Tarantula - Hunting At The Zoo


Pleasure - Landscape of Power


Gutter - Zero Rest


Vile Gash - Repulsed At The Sight


Cadaver Dog - Watch Your Back


The Flex - Soma Holiday


Petite - Spent Force


Perverts Again - Blockbusted



DonMonique - 30 Block


Ruby Ibarra - Us(ft. Rocky Rivera, Klassy & Faith Santilla)


Vel The Wonder - Savage


Gavlyn - Calling


Maxo Kream - Roaches



Vaaska - Policia Policia


As Mercenarias - Policia


The Cops - Police Brutality


Necros - Police Brutality


Negative Element - Police Beat(On Me)


The Spits - Police


Nuke Cult - Cop Caller


Capital Punishment - Killer Cop


Missionary - Cop Disease



GRB - Tiempo Para Amar


Killing Children - Boring


NDT - Schwarzer Vogel


Stretch Marks - Who's In Charge?


Stains - Sick & Crazy


Slam - 1945


The Dictators - Teengenerate


Jim Sleez & Teenage Titz



Bugg - Bleached/Wishing Well



Mar 15, 2018

Buy these bands records and go see them live. Do whatever you can to support them both in all ways. 


Warm Bodies - My Face Fell Off


Vanilla Poppers - Where You Told Me I Belong


Shapeshifter - Half Dead


Deltoids - Pleasure


Obediencia - Miedo


Calamidad - Excusas


Twisted Thing - Prisoner


Lassie - Modern Vacation



Residents - Loser's Weed


Xdreamysts - Right Way Home


The Vipers - No Such Thing


Rude Kids - Punk Will Never Die


V2 - That's It


The Jermz - Power Cut


Sham 69 - Borstal Breakout



The Brass - Social Suicide


The Skeptix - Peace Force


Chaotic Dischord - Never Trust A Friend


Ultra-Violent - Crime For Revenge


Half Years - Excite


Mobs - Evil Spirit



Matrix - Tailpipe


Public Acid - Amido Black


Humanoids - Little Splinter


Haiboku - Muerte En Chambaku


Retirement - Priced Out


Skinned Alive - Forced To Die


Dungeon - Death From Above



James Ray - I Got My Mind Set On You


Brazeros Musical - La Razon

Mar 1, 2018

If you like these bands give them money. Buy their records, go see them live, contribute to those who work hard to put these things out into the world. Now start your own band, label, podcast, scene, etc. Punk is only as good and fun as you make it so get up off that thing and fucking do something!




Warm Bodies - Something Weird Is Eating Me


Aquarium - Hex


Shapeshifter - Vice Nerves


Futura - What A Joke


Beta Boys - Littered Streets


Yambag - Cow


Perverts Again - Cereal Bowl



Bog Ugly - I've Seen It Vomit


La Came Aux Damelias - La 5e Roue Du Systeme


Gobblinz - Women In Love


Disguise - Juvenile Delinquent


Chronics - Callin All Cardinals


The Limit - Please Please Me



The Guests - Watching The War


Skeletal Family - Hands On The Clock


Uncanny Valley - Silver Screen


Annex - Mal Futuro


Last Four Digits - City Streets



Rixe - La Cle


Twisted Thing - Haunted


Raw Breed - Evil Eye


Abikyokan - ?


Groinoids - Empty Skull


Ribzy - Cyanide Pill


The Hates - Another War



Cirith Ungol - Frost & Fire(demo)


Garage - Matanza De Una Noche De Verano


The La De Da's - How Is The Air Up There


Plastic Tones - Behind Talking Heads


Destry Hampton And The Wolves From Hell - Paradise



Ja Rule & Ashanti - Mesmerize

Feb 20, 2018

Buy these bands records and go to see them live when applicable. Now start your own band, scen, zine, fest or whatever it is people do these days. It is essential that you are involved with "punk" or it will fail to exist and just become another antiquated fad. 



Perverts Again - It's My Life


Lumpy & The Dumpers - TV Casualty


Warm Bodies - Dayglo


The Coneheads - 46-25666


Impalers - Sucks


Trauma Harness - Grim Reaper


Dame - Ghosts



The Guests - Killing Spree


Skeletal Family - Promised Land


Padkarosda - Bomlas


Blank Spell - Scythe


F-Systems - People



Fex Urbis - People Pigs


Mind Trap - Persian Silk


Extended Hell - Fatal Force


Final Void - Endless Life


Anti-Septic - Death Or Glory


Kollission - Cretins



Painted Eyes - White Walls


Suburban Reptiles - Saturday Night, Stay At Home


The Numbers - Sunset Strip


The Shirkers - Drunk & Disorderly


Plastic Tones - Boring Party



A$AP Ferg - East Coast REMIX (feat. Busta Rhymes, A$AP Rocky, Dave East, French Montana, Rick Ross, and Snoop Dogg)


MF Doom - Gas Drawls

Feb 9, 2018

Support these bands by buying their records and going to see them live. Now go start your own band, label, zine, podcast, whatever! Punk doesn't work without your contribution make it happen no excuses!


The Undertones - Teenage Kicks


Suburban Reptiles - Saturday Night, Stay At Home


Kriminella Gitarrer - Silvias Unge


The Numbers - Sunset Strip


Speedtwins - Motobike Song



Vile Gash - Obedient


Cadaver Dog - Repulsed


Suburbanite - Warhawk


The Repos - Wizards Walk By/More Kicks Than Bricks


Salvation - Twice The Vision


SQRM - Cut My Strings


Cult Ritual - Failed


Grinning Death's Head - Year Of The Snake


Charles Bronson - I Just Can't Avoid The Void In "Avoid"



Meanstreak - Final Word


Face Value - Someday


H100s - Ain't Too Young To Die


Cider - Concrete


Inmates - You're Not Part Of Us


Puncture Wound - Ren's Revenge


Gordon Solie Motherfuckers - Screaming So Loud


Apartment 213 - Die Section



Shapeshifter - Success Lies


Futura - Don't Let Me Loose


Body Pressure - Toxic Institute


Reptiloids - Ëó÷åçàðüå


Que Lastima - Puno De Resistencia


Final Void - Ancient Nuclear Alien Gods


Arse - Primitive Species


Violence Creeps - Livin In A Microwave


Ethan Olivia - Dianetics



Midnight Garden - What Moves You?


Ikon - Stranger I've Become


Screamers - Mater Dolores


The Snifters - I Like Boys


Helmettes - Half Twee


The Skinnies - Out Of Order



Ramones - Questioningly


Dinosaur Jr. - Pond Song


Sheryl Crow - My Favorite Mistake

Jan 31, 2018

More olde shite.


Egality- Demented Descension


Midnight- Sadist Sodomystic Seducer


Shitfucker- Nightmare(pt. 2)



Latex- Blindfolded


Quitter- Black Bile


Bib- No Exit


Laffing Gas- Bob


Gel- Don't Wanna Play


Bugg- Wishing Well



Nirvana- Kuljen Kaupungilla


Slipknot- Let It Show


M.I.A.- I Hate Hippies


Disturbed- I Don't Believe



The Normals- So Bad So Sad


The Bags- We Don't Need The English


Killjoys- Johnny Won't Go To Heaven


The Damned- Love Song(Demo)


Devo- Clockout(Demo)



Dow Jones & The Industrials- Ladies With Appliances



Odd Man Out- 1+2+3


Soma Coma- Gimme Soma


Latishia's Skull Drawing- Bloody Trauma


Creeping Dose- C.H.U.D.S. Clones


Lucha Eterna- Mano Fea



Randy Travis- Singing The Blues




Jan 30, 2018

Tails from the cripped. 


Hounds of Hate- Teenage Blues


Blood Pressure- Drone War


Concealed Blade- Never Heard


Power Trip- Heretic's Fork



Blank Spell- Night Mute


C.C.T.V.- Anxiety


Uranium Club- The Collector


Dark Blue- Here On My Street


Una Bestia Incontrolable- Nou Mon



Absolut- Peace System


Impalers- Mower


Orden Mundial- Camino Inevitable


Latishia's Skull Drawing- The Nightmare Man



Lumpy and The Dumpers- I Lost My Mind




S.H.I.T.- Bliss


Ajax- Paper and Steel



Blazing Eye- Ways to Die


Glue- Peer Evalutation


Strutter- Lunch Lady


Gas Chamber- Why Are All The Dogs Barking



The Moderns- When She Gets Back


Modern Warfare- Dayglo


Nasty Facts- Drive My Car


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