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May 31, 2024


Cutters - An Ode To Shoplifting

Yambag - No Trust

Total Con - Scum Scorched Earth Policy

De Rodillas - Estoy Cansada

Tozcos - Nunca Pasaran

Surrogates - Apple Pie

Stress Positions - Sunken Place

Pure Terror - ٥.كس أم الاحتلال (Fuck the Occupation)

Peace Talks - Trash In America

Bog People - Slow Green Pace

Tower 7 - FTP II

Straw Man Army - The End Of Living

Choir Boy - Toxic Eye

Electric Chair - Law Means Nothing

Chandra - Subways

Ti-Tho - Die Lieve Ist Ein Abenteuer

Slaughter and the Dogs - Situations 

Suburban Lawns - Gidget Goes To Hell

Feederz - Jesus

The Styrenes - Drano In Your Veins

Jeanette - El muchacho de los ojo tristes

Dicks - Nobody Asked Me

Rikk Agnew - Surfside

Modern Warfare - No Passion

The Fix - Vengance

The Kids - Fascist Cops

Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias - Kill

Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family - Feeling Good

Stick Men With Ray Guns - Christian Rat Attack

The Rival Mob - Hardcore For Hardcore/Mind Closed For Life 2010

Really Red - Nobody Rules

The Nervebreakers - My Girlfriend Is A Rock

Butthole Surfers - I Hate My Job

Big Boys - The Big Picture




May 22, 2024


Bootlicker - Submission II

Pyrex - Bozo

Total Con - Theme

Prisao - Carcere

Norms - Langyos polgárháború

Yambag - Mindfuck Ultra

Hot Pursuit - Hot Singles

Alienator - Buried Alive

Prager Youth - Profit Motive

Beyond State Power - Beyond State Power

Peace Talks - Bloody Murder

Personal Damage - Still In Denial

Digital Malaria - Hall Of Mirrors

Paprika - Dream

Marbled Eye - Another Year

Stuck - Do Not Reply

Lexicon - Zero Sum Game 

DESINTEGRACI​Ó​N VIOLENTA - E.H.T (Eliminación Histórica Total)

De Rodillas - Placeres Prohibidos

Human - Planet Earth Recycled

Z-Pak - Jaws Of Life

Innuendo - Never Going Back

Bloodstains - Stray Bullets 

Stress Positions - Ode To Aphrodite

Sexpill - Sexpill

Xarkov7 - Ignorance Is Bliss

Bozone - Cognitive Learning Disorder

Split System - Underground

Pink Mist - DNA 

Yellowcake - Insensate Power 

Vidro - Förstör det som förstör dig

Ikhras - El Nahr

Hollow Point - Mean Streak 


May 12, 2024

Support these bands by going to see them live, buying their records and telling your friends about them. 


Yambag - No End In Sight/Party Song

Hot Pursuit - Hard Candy

Vaxine - No Sympathy

The Dark - Criminal

Beyond State Power - Immortality 

Paprika - Insane Machine

No Future - Silent Majority

Direct Threat - Forever Fighting 

Public Acid - End of Pain

Zanjeer - Hamdullah

Desintegracion Violenta - Anti Cultura

Innuendo - Stuck

Brothers Grim Punk - Long Live Punk

Mirage - Insieme C'e Potere

Personal Damage - Universe 25

De Rodillas - Placeres Prohibidos

Peace Talks - Pull The Plug


Art Object - (I Wanna Grow Up To Be A) Juvenile Delinquent

Mannschreck - Verdrahtet

Vex - Pressure

Jungle Nausea - Sympathy

Plastix - Konsumier

Corrosive Crowd - Insektenliebe

Zona - Boule Quies


Industry - Spiritual Debts 

Stuck - Do Not Reply

Why Bother? - I Forfeit

Marbled Eye - Motion

Erik Nervous - Third Layer

Sheer Mag - Don't Come Lookin'


May 2, 2024

Support these bands by buying their records, going to see them live and telling your friends about them.

Pre-order the Peace Talks Flexi here



Twelves Cubic Feet - Blob

Cold War - The Machinist

Plastic Bertrand - Sha La La La Lee

Plastic Idols - Sophistication

Nikki and The Corvettes - Boys Boys Boys

The Shivvers - No Reaction


Vaxine - Psychotic Nightmares

Mirage - Nuclear Plague

Sordid - Substance

Princess - Razors Edge

Peace Talks - Pull The Plug

Illiterates - No Experts 

Beyond State Power - Stronghold 10

Insane Urge - Rats and Dogs

Personal Damage - Garbage Juice

The Dark - The Badge and The Gun

Prager Youth - Temporarily Embarassed Millionaire

Alienator - Buried Alive

Fulmine - Insurrezione

The Dogs - We Are The Dogs

Kriegshog - Serenity


Sweeping Promises - You Shatter 

Mystery Girl - Shattered Dreams

Choir Boy - Shatter 

The Exploding Hearts - Shattered(You Left Me)

The Dark - The Voice Is Dead/Shattered Trust

Telefones - She's In Love With The Rolling Stones



Apr 23, 2024

Support the bands you like by buying their records going to see them live and telling your friends about them


Princess - Relentless

Alamoans - Closed-Circuit Television

De Rodillas - Estoy Cansada

Fuera De Sektor - Juegos Prohibidos

Youth In Asia - Slave Family Brain Rot

Planet On A Chain - Invalidation

Reek Minds - Residual Suffering

Paprika - Madness Mantra

Xui - 18dummy

The Dogs - Hate Chu

Innuendo - Burn

Xarkov7 - What You Deserve

Digital Malaria - Societal Scab

Public Acid - Deadly Struggle 

Woodstock 99 - 99 Problems 

Fugitive Bubble - Chicken Head

Human - Mental Fucker

Balta - Nagyon Sanjalom

Pyrex - Struck Down

Personal Damage - Dath Cults Bliss

Stress Positions -  Flaming Sword

Kriegshog - 虚空

Fulmine - Randagio

Sikm - Sikm

Lexicon - Dirty Bed


Bloody Riot - C.L.S. 

Shotgun Solution - Apocalypse

Impact - Eroi

Crapping Dogs - Asylum

Ice & The Iced - Polyschyzophrenya

Delta 5 - Delta 5

Sad Lovers and Giants - Lost In A Moment


Cosey Muller - Innen Ohne

Cran - Rejet

Marbled Eye - In the Static

Stuck - The Punisher 

The Shifters - Left Bereft

Lathe of Heaven - Genome

Apr 11, 2024

Another total normal show hosted by a normal human person playing regular style punk music for the quiet masses of normal waiting people. If you are one of these particular regular normal human people and you enjoyed one, any or all of these musical acts make a point to support them by buying their record albums, going to experience them live and telling your friends about them. Please but also thank you.


Bootlicker - Mercy Dog

Bato - Useless Debt

Woodstock 99 - Hotter Than A Half Fucked Fox In A Forest Fire

Chaos OK - last yr

Valtatyhjiö - Kuristusleikki

Hollow Point - Discourse

OSBO - Say It To My Face

The Dark - Dragged To Hell

Vaxine - No Right To Take

Cruciform - Become Dumb

Peace Talks - Last Chance Out Of Texas

Illiterates - Born Here


Negatives - Whole Lotta Skin

Plastic Idols - I.U.D. 

The Skuds - Dead Dogs

Control - Nightmare In My Closet

Barry Kooda - So Sorry


Soup Activists - I Don't Care What Gilchrist Says

Why Bother - Feckless World

Uranium Club - Big Guitar Jackoff in the Sky

Sheer Mag - Tea On The Kettle 

Hotline TNT - I Thought You'd Change



Apr 3, 2024

Support these bands by buying their records, going to see them live and telling your friends about them.



Paprika - Buzzzz

Bad Breeding - Discipline

Reek Minds - Swine

Lysol - Grease Paint

Lexicon - Rapture

Xui - Ego

Human - Bastard

Gurs - Anna

Innuendo - Poison Pill

Desintegracion Violenta - Presidio

Z-Pak - Whiplash

Poison Ruin - Torture Chamber

Cross - Faith

Why Bother - Never The Machine

Uranium Club - 2600-Lullaby

Collate - Numbers 

Clarko - Social Psychic Vampire

Lal - Signs

At Night - Haunted House

Peace Talks - I Didn't Do It


Sick Things - Bondage Boy

Usch - Ditt Eget Liv

The Stripes - Weekend Love

Electric Deads - 30 Years

The Slits - Vindictive

Anouschka Et Les Prives - Controle

Ici Paris - Le centre du monde


Masshysteri - Valkommen til verkligheten

Clocked In - Wasted Words

Creem - Wasted Time

Ajax - Intro/Drag Down

Warthog - Expiration

Crazy Spirit - I'm Dead

Torso - Waster of Time

Eel - Pacifism Won't Win Fight

Impalers - Psychedelic Snutskallar

Condor - Que Jeunesse Se Passe


Ice 9 - Revolting Mess

Sado Nation - Mom And Pop Democracy

Poison Idea - Cop An Attitude

Dead Moon - Cast Will Change

Nikki and The Corvettes - I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend

The Shivvers - No Substitue


Mar 20, 2024

buy these bands records and go see them live and tell your friends about them and drink plenty of water


Gylt - Shoved

Reek Minds - Host

De Rodillas - Rigged

Traumatizer - Bulldozer

Paprika - Let's Kill Punk

Why Bother - Feckless World

JJ and the A's - Generation

Z-Pak - Beef Buffet

Innuendo - Hate the State

Planet On A Chain - Culture of Death

Argh - Dungeon Crisis

Public Acid - Ignorance

Bloodstains - When Men Were Men...


Headache - No Reason For Your Call

Le-Ritz - What A Sucker

Johnny Du Cann - Where's The Show?

The Features - Drab City

Kursaal Flyers - Television Generation

Anti Social - Teacher, Teacher

Dogs - No Way

Four Mandarines - Silver son Johnnie

The Alan Milman Sect - Teen Tour

Jerks - Hold My Hand

Babeez - Hate

Richard Hell - Another World


Blinder - Empty Fists

Gina Gory - TV Star

Rex Tycoon - Skin

Ex Pilots - Sailing Stone

Painted Dog - Midnight City

Silver Car Crash - Tee Vee



Mar 11, 2024

Buy these bands records go see them live and tell your friends about them


Innuendo - Nuke This Place

Bloodstains - Nuclear Age 

Bad Breeding - Survival

Reek Minds - Rant

Paprika - Peace Talks

Peace Talks - Pull The Plug

Public Acid - Slow Bleed

Sexpill - Victims of a Glue Bag

Stress Positions - No Sympathy(For the Police)

Pyrex - Cool Television

Sultry - Love Dog

Lysol - Padded Cell

The Losers - Fear is a Weapon

Hollow Point - No Friend Of Mine

Vidro - Förstör det som förstör dig

Deletar - Coup de schlass


Xarkov7 - Ignorance is Bliss

Extortion - Snare


Lip Cream - Night Rider More Than Fight

Zouo - Making Love With Devil

Laughin Nose - Piss'N'Ass

Outo - Death of Victims

Mobs - Charisma 

Cobra - 1984 

Baws - G.I. Joe


Cosey Muller - Parallel Gekreuzt

Split System - Anything

Industry - Human Realm 

Vaguess - Cease To Grieve

Why Bother - Some Don't Dance

Uranium Club - Game Show

Sheer Mag - Golden Hour

Rex Tycoon - What's Good

Blinder - Drugs Of The Sun

R.M.F.C. - The Trap

Clarko - I Just Wanna Pay

Soup Activists - The Times



Feb 29, 2024

Buy these bands records and go see them live and tell your friends about them. All of those things are equally important with the exception of when one takes prominence. Use you best judgement. Drink water. Etc. 


Public Acid - Psychedelic Depression

Ulitmate Disaster - Ruination

Sultry - The Gargoyle 

Sexpill - Bag Life

Canal Irreal - Stuff To Dodge

Stress Positions - Hand to Mouth

Hollow Point - Perfect People

The Losers - Mosquito 

Crucified Class - Deception

Bozone - Enter the Bozone

Tozcos - ¿Quién Te Va Enterrar?

Abyecta - Anti Carta

Haren - Asquerosa Humanidad

Vidro - Aldrig mer fred

Split System - Temporary Freeze

Dannys Favorite - Silent Movies

Phagocyte - Son Of A Pig

Cruelster - Makemake Watchwatch

Xarkov7 - Choke on the Spite

Bad Image - Big Deal


Siege - Grim Reaper

NDT - Schwarzer Vogel

Metro Decay - Σκιές

IDENTITÉ - Le Garçon D'Ascenceur

Half Life - Yeah I Hate

Mental Abuse - Electric Chair 

Stukas Over Bedrock - Car Good

D.R.I. - Violent Pacification

Don't Know - Time

Poison Idea - Legalize Freedom

Scared Straight - School

Third World Chaos - You

Sado Nation - Front Row Chaos

Suburban Mutilation - Daddy Was A Nazi

V.O.A. - Popularity

Special Forces - Savage Penguins

Afu - My Scene

Massacre Guys - The Hunted


Riki - SAS

Blinder - Dose Makes The Poison/Fast Crunch

Edhochuli - I'll Never Forget 'Ol What's His Name

Feb 18, 2024

No Genocide: A Benefit for Mutual Aid in Gaza


As always if you like these bands buy their records go see them live and tell your friends about them.


Scarecrow - Rabid Dogs

Rat Cage - Another Religion, Another War

Peace Talks - Instigate

The Pist - Justified?

Zowiso - F.A.O. Show

UZU اوزو - Akhtanik أختنق

Zanjeer زنجیر - Na Un Moghe, Na Hala  نه ان موقع نه حالا

Ikhras - El Nahr

Khassarat - the crossing حرقة

Pure Terror - ٣. لا أقل ولا أكثر (No More No Less)

Haram - قنبلة بي السماء - Bomb in the Sky

Eteraz - No One Left to Die

Taqbir - Aisha Qandisha


Kuolleet Kukat - Vihollinen on Systeemi

Partners in Crime - I Wanna Drive You

Kalashnikov - Odelaeg og haerg

Lip Cream - Yellow Beauty

MG-15 - derecho a la vida

Special Forces - Gung Ho

Saccharaine Trust - The Giver Takes

Suburban Mutilation - Twilight Zone

Reagan Youth - Degenerated

Siege - Drop Dead

RPA - Shoot The Pope

Mental Abuse - Security Guard


The Losers - Mosquito 

Bozone - Googling the Enemy

Hollow Point - Discourse

Junk - It's My Duty

Vidro - Allt brinner

Goop! - Quota

Sacricide - Ritual

Potere Negativo - Vendetta

Abyecta - La Plaga


Spazzys - I Wanna Cut My Hair Like Marky Ramone

Regulations - My Future 

The Marked Men - Gone Away 

Annihilation Time - The Worm

Caustic Christ - Sadist Society

Warzone Womyn - Magma Digestor

Look Back and Laugh - Blinders

Cold Sweat - Gun in My Head

Righteous Jams - Rage of Discipline

No Fucker - Sunshine

Disclose - Murdering Bombs


Aus - Der Sch​ö​ne Schein

Industry  - Extract Wealth and Die

Alien Nosejob - West Side Story

Split System - The Wheel

COEUR À L'INDEX - Rattrapez-moi

Sheer Mag - Eat It and Beat It

Dollhouse - Be Nice To Me



Feb 8, 2024

Buy these bands records go see them live and tell your friends about them.


The Losers 

Planet On A Chain

Hollow Point 

Crucified Class







Peace Talks







Split System



Unwarranted Trust



Articles Of Faith

Septic Death



Condemned To Death

Poison Idea


Bog People

Lebenden Toten


Out Cold

The Richmond Sluts




Mass Genocide



Jan 29, 2024

If you like any of these bands buy their records, go see them live and tell your friends about them.


Ivy Creep - IFS

Asbestos - Double Bind 

Lethal - We're So Proud

Repression - Nuclear Tomb

Enemy - Self Abuse

Little Angels - Roaches

Alamoans - Licking The Boot

Peace Talks - Last Chance Out Of Texas

Kapital - Time Thief

Paprika - Greasy Pig Disease

Beef - Gimme More

Marbled Eye - See It Too

Chain Whip - Class Decay

Bootlicker - Herd The Sheep

Bog People - Slow Green Pace

Corker -Distant Dawn

Grazia - Cheap

Haren - Terrorismo Paramilitar

Hez - Punks De Fin De Semana

Fuera De Sektor - Viejos Trucos Nuevas Trampas

Physique - As Tradition Dictates


S.L.I.P. - Night Riders

Hounds of Hate - Washed Out

No Time - Bow To None

EEL - Pacifism Won't Win Fight

The Stasi - German Guilt

Blank Spell - Vulgar Flowers 

The Holidays - Bus Freak

Sheer Mag - What You Want

Vanity - Bal Des Ardents

Ajax - Intro/Drag Down

Warthog - Rites

Crazy Spirit - Train II

Green Beret - Violence Is Their Currency

Savageheads - Trained Killer

S.H.I.T. - Feeding Time

Perverts Again - You're Not Taking Me To Prom

Big Zit - Suhbuhb'n Varnum

Ooze - Feed Drugs

Laffing Gas - crtl+V

Nancy - (Why Am I)Crying?

Dirty Work - You Suck Now

Blotter - Gunboy Rover

Institute - Salt

Impalers - High Wired

Mystic Inane - I Believe in UFO's

Torso - Waste of Time

Jan 22, 2024

Support punk and these bands by buying their records, going to see them live and telling your friends about them!



Lethal - Air Flow

Flower - Physical God

Ivy Creep - Hollow PT

Alamoans - Closed-Circuit Television

Little Angels - Our Place

Peace Talks - Taranaki

Uranium Club - Small Grey Man

Kapital - No Evolve

Surrogates - Repellent

Hez - No Quiero Trabajar

Malcria - Abusadxs Weyes

Asbestos - Expiry

Lazer Bullet - Faster Than

Physique - We Do What We Must

Nasti - No Teeth

Crawl Space - Not There


Kalashnikov - Odelaeg og haerg

B.G.K. - Kids For Ca$h

Bannlyst - Det begynner a bli sent

Kaaos - Pelko Kasvatta Vihaa

Beton Combo - Zubrowka

Declino - Terra bruciata/Giustizia parte II

Negazione - Non mi dire

MG-15 - derecho a la vida

Panaderia Bolleria Nuestra Senora Del Karmen - Quiero Extrangularte

TDK - Interrogatorio


Cider - Hate This World

Aus-Rotten - Fuck Nazi Sympathy

Dropdead - Strength in Your Conviction

Disclose - Burn To Damage

Death Side - Profound Freedom

Insane Youth - Revenge 

Totalitar - Slut Som Manniska

Spazz - Egg On The Hirax Cover

Dead Moon - Poor Born


Jan 16, 2024

Do you like these bands? If so, tell your friends about them, buy their records and go see them live. Punk needs you for its survival. Now start a band, a podcast, a venue, etc.


Gel - Medication and You

Gel - Out of Mind

Subhumans - Firing Squad

Subhumans - Zyklon-B-Movie

Stains - Born to Die

Stains - Quit the Human Race

Agent Orange - Bloodstains

Agent Orange - Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell

Breeders - Fuckheads(Uncool Slamming)

Breeders - Iris

The Dark - You Got What You Wanted

The Dark - The Dark

Death - Freakin Out 

Death - Infernal Death


Direct Action - Living Dead

Mental Abuse - Adolescent Skins/Gimme Death

Kremlin Korps - Culture Shock

Neon Christ - Draft Song

Die Kreuzen - In School

The Crucifucks - Leagal Genocide

Massacre Guys - Devils Shade

Final Warning - Rain Of Death


The Slads - Dark Skies

Alamoans - We're Laughing

Cruelster - Neural Maze

Knowso - Be Your Own Killer

Fugitive Bubble - Cenobyte

Split System - Alone Again

Mutated Void - Burnt Crisp

Bog People - Dark Skies

Hez - Apariencias

Brux - Fills de la nit

Prison Affair - Big Bottom Baby

Fuera De Sektor - El Mundo Sigue

Soup Activists - Waiting For Something

Sheer Mag - Moonstruck

FLQ - Calling All Cars

Nancy - I Want One


Jan 7, 2024

Please support diy punk by buying these bands records, going to see them live & telling your friends about them. You participation is necessary to the proliferation of punk and its essential components. 


Alamoans - Personal Views

Body Farm - Trans Day of Vengeance

Little Angels - Boyfriend Phone

Speed Plans - Everybody Gotta Die

Ready Armed System - Sick Reflection

Pura Mania - El Mundo Al Reves

Mujeres Podridas - Sucio Policia

Tozcos - Nadie Dice Nada

Why Bother? - Chatter

Snooper - for yr love

R.M.F.C. - Sterile Century

Arrogants - Non-Core

Flower - Heel of the Next

Physique - Overcome By Pain

Pist - One Plus One

Slan - Svälj skiten


Shotgun Solution - Apocalypse

Impact - Eroi

The Fits - Last Laugh

Extrernal Menace - Youth Of Today

Mau Maus - Society's Rejects

Chaotic Youth - Sad Society

Zero Boys - Dirty Alleys Dirty Minds

Minor Threat - Filler

Toughskins - Bad Company is Fucking' Oi


Dec 26, 2023

Songs from bands that released songs in MMXXIII, Part 2. Buy these bands records, go see them live, tell your friends about them.


Zorn - The Spell of the Fairytree

Why Bother? - Beautiful Deformations

The Whiffs - It's Not Over

Tozcos - Quien Te Va Enterrar

Speed Plans - Shut The Fuck Up

Sirkka - Hyva Ehdokas

Silicone Prairie - Elysian Fields

Scarecrow - Sixth Mass Extinction

Salvaje Punk - Mundo KK

S.H.I.T. - Imminent Destruction 

R.M.F.C. - Spectrum

Pyrex - Sleep Therapy

Pure Terror - ٢. الوحش (The Beast)

Public Acid - Placebo

Potere Negativo - Demoni

Piss Me Off - Quest For Mystery

People's Temple - Jangling Tune

Necron 9 - Bad Habits 

Lethal - More and More

Fugitive Bubble - Caged Spirit

Fried Reality - Song

Fairytale - Bluer Skies

Electric Chair - Active Aggression

El Destello - Un enemigo

Destruxion America - Untitled

Destruct - 71,000 Warheads

Consensus Madness - Madness

Ballistic Ax - Unseen Unity

Adhesive - Evolutionary Freak

Abism - Privilegio Blanco

Dec 19, 2023

Songs from bands that released songs in MMXXIII, Part I. Buy these bands records, go see them live, tell your friends about them.


Snarling Dogs - Televised Violence

Ex Pilots - Too Far

Peace Talks - Progress

Silver Car Crash - Pleasure Zone

RAT-NIP - Death Pact

Gaadge - Candy Colored

Little Angels - Associates Degree

Concealed Blade - Half Reality

Speed Plans - Termination Game

Razorblade - Nocturnal Beast

Nasty Nancy - Calloused Overgrowth

Heavy Discipline - Farce

Princess - Payback's A Bitch

Illiterates - L.B.T.C. 

No Time - True Hate

Cruelster - Belarus With My Baby

The Hell - City Tanks

Delco MF's - Dreamland

Quarantine - Rage Inside

Poison Ruin - Pinnacle of Ecstasy

Kinetic Orbital Strike - Nameless Graves 

Pure Terror - ٥.كس أم الاحتلال (Fuck the Occupation)

Total Nada - Espectaculo

Haunted Mansion - Tourist

ORGAN-ISM - Revuelven Los Ojos

Snooper - Waste

Home Front - Nation

Die Letzen Ecken - Rasender Stillstand

Dec 7, 2023

Support these bands by buying their records, going to see them live & telling your friends about them.

Donate to Adam Thomas' dad's cancer bills



No Time

Concealed Blade

Dark Thoughts

Delco MFs


The Hell

Speed Plans

De Rodillas

Peace Talks

Heavy Discipline




The Smarthearts

Minor Threat

The Crucifucks

Vicious Visions


The Saints


Larval State

Nasty Nancy


Bigg Egg



La Llama



Pure Terror






Nov 28, 2023

Do you like these bands? Is punk music your life? Want to contribute to the thing you love? Support these bands by buying their records, go see them live and TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THEM.


Little Angels - My Fault

De Rodillas - Estoy Cansada

Positive Thinking - Transition on Demand

Peace Talks - Taranaki

Princess - Payback's A Bitch

No Time - True Hate

Speed Plans - Shut The Fuck Up

Heavy Discipline - Loud and Proud

Snarling Dogs - Televised Violence

Razorblade - Nocturnal Best

Illiterates - No Experts

Alamoans - Licking The Boot

Concealed Blade - Half Reality


Killing Joke - Complication

Delta 5 - You

Girls at Our Best!- This Train

The Jesus & Mary Chain - Far Gone And Out

Wire - Practice Makes Perfect

Buzzcocks - Promises

Advert - New Church


Tozcos - Quien Te Va Enterrar

Henwee - Without Me

Secretors - Direct Order

Pure Terror - ٣. لا أقل ولا أكثر (No More No Less)

PYREX - Erasure

Laughing Corpse - Today's Nightmare

Piss Me Off - Tips Tricks Illusions

Quarantine - No Exit

Scarecrow - Compensation 

Ataque Zero - Ciudades

Adhesive - Bad Driver



Nov 23, 2023

Support the bands you hear here by buying their records, going to see them live & telling your friends about them. Thank you


Tozcos - Presos

De Rodillas - Run

Speed Plans - Shut Up

No Time - Anxiety Blitz

Razorblade - The Led Us

Heavy Discipline - Fit The Mold

Peace Talks - Pull The Plug

Pure Terror - ٢. الوحش (The Beast)

Quarantine - Voiceless Survival

Scarecrow - The Agreement

Destruct - Thoughout the War

Mutant Strain - Carolinian Jawbreaker

Money - Brillo Thoughts

Necron 9 - Demo II Song

Collaps - Nowitschok Exposure

Socio La Difekta - Libera masino

Modern Man - Take Flight


The Luchs Brothers - Kill Me I'm Rotten\

Men In Black - Gypsy Life

Slugs - Problem Child

Terminal Mind - I Want To Die Young

Crap Detectors - Intellectual Morons 

Los Reactors - Dead In The Suburbs

Circle Jerks - Live Fast Die Young

Flux Of Pink Indians - Background of Malfunction

Cortex - Napalm Sticks To Kids

Patriots - Nobody No More

Rubi y los Casinos - Te podria besar(Pero no debo)


Collate - Potential Automation

Why Bother? - Beautiful Deformations

El Destello - Destruiremos su civilizacion

Institute - Wonder

Abi Ooze - AB A

Dinosaur Jr. - Almost Ready


Nov 20, 2023

A playlist curated by Mexican illustrator, filmaker and singer of De Rodillas Ana Armengod.


Find her at


Sin Dios - Alerta Antifascista

Sial - Maut

ICD10 - Democracy

Peace Talks - Instigate

Disrupt - Mass Graves

Algara - Enamorados Del Control Total

S-21 - Thirst For Violence

De Rodillas - Soga

Cadenaxo - Fachos a la Verga

Total Nada - Demasiado Odio

Indre Krig - Destroyer

Pure Terror - ٥.كس أم الاحتلال (Fuck the Occupation)

Nausea - Smash Racism 

Tozcos - Guerra Mundial

Muro - Violencia En Las Calles

Massacre 68 - Crimen Capitalista

El-Funoun Palestinian Popular Dance Troupe - Palestine the Beautiful

Nov 15, 2023

Somewhere along the seam(s) of consciousness your true self lies. Ignore it as you may it will always peak around the corner to remind you that you are not who you are pretending to be. You aren't you clothes, your bank account, your artistic output, your vocalized opinions or even your thoughts. Eastern tradition uses this idea as a touchstone for almost all personal progressing and there are even strands of it woven through western culture if you look hard enough. What does this have to do with a musical podcast that mostly focuses on punk and hardcore punk and sometimes plays five instrumental dub songs at the end of its duration? Nothing. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. I am not here to make you drink or even lead you to the source. I may even say things like, "there is no horse, there is no leader, there is only the water, and we are little more than drops amongst the waves." Though I would not use this as an excuse to ignore the plane of existence we are currently experiencing so I might also say things like "support the bands and artists you like by buying their records, going to see them live and telling your friends about them." Also, don't forget to drink plenty of water. 


No Time - Suffer No Fool

Little Angels - Associates Degree

Positive Thinking - World of Possibility

Razorblade - Nocturnal Beast

Peace Talks - I Didn't Do It

Wanted - Psychosis

The Smarthearts - Let Us In

Dark Thoughts - ITL

Abism - Lonquen

Pure Terror - ٣. لا أقل ولا أكثر (No More No Less)

Quarantine - Punishment

Kontaminate - Consume

Destruct - Two State Solution

Dissekerad - Mata Med Logner

Rat Cage - Twist Of The Vice

Scarecrow - Space Race

Mutant Strain - Night Hag

Necron 9 - Demo Song


The Onion Dolls - Hot Love

Kaaos - Vakivallan Uhrit

Chaos - Day Doult

Bastards - Schizo Terrorist

Rebels - Sweet Society

Attak - Big Brother

The Mad Are Sane - Un-Natural Burial

Flux of Pink Indians - Sick Butchers

Buzzcocks - I Don't Mind

Zero Boys - Stoned To Death


Why Bother? - I Wanna Be Like Pete

Sheer Mag - Playing Favorites

Hotline TNT - Beauty Filter

Total Nada - Demasiado Odio

Dimension - Who's Next

Artificial Joy - Wave Linguistics

Lexicon - Antiquated Life

Self Chechout - Real Rockers Only

Ballistic Ax - Side To Side

Collaps - Doesn't Make Sense

Nov 2, 2023

Hello please support these bands by buying their records, going to see them live and telling your friends about them. 


Quarantine - Rage Inside

Self Checkout - Self Checkout

Why Bother? - Verbally Transmitted Diseases

Peace Talks - Progress

Heavy Discipline - Farce

Alamoans - Licking The Boot

Gundy - From Thysk Brunt

Citric Dummies - Tubing Down A River Of Anxiety

Claimed Choice - Whos Watching

Home Front - Slice Of Paradise 

Dinosaur Jr. - They Always Come

The Crucifucks - Washington

Gray Matter - Burn No Bridges

Impact - Ribellione

Saccharine Trust - The Giver Takes

The Mad Are Sane - World In Action

Peggy Luxbeurk -Les efants de la crasse

Teenage Popeye - Life Is Cheap

Circle Jerks - Behind The Door

The Pain - HH

The Mad - I Hate Music

Torso - Piegeonhold

S.B.S.M. - Teeth

Ataque de Rabia - Punk y Slam

Common Ignorance - Don't Know 

Anti-Sex - Desperacion

Big Bleach - I'm A Punk

Cochina - Complejo de Salvador Blanco

C.C.T.V. - Mind Control

Vanilla Poppers - Dead Either Way

Sheer Mag - Button Up

La Misma - Raspados 

Pox - Out Of Time

Desperfecto - Fracaso

Desenterradas - Paralisis Del Sueno


Oct 25, 2023

trick treat etc


Hasil Adkins


Soft Drinks

Lavabos Iturriaga

Neon Provos

Paralisis Permanente

Asylum Party



The Chameleons

Cleaners From Venus

Flux of Pink Indians


Dip In The Pool

Yukihiro Takahashi

Los Iniciados

Decima Victima

Cruz de Navajas

Conjunto Primitivo

Chris & Cosey

Psychic TV

Christian Death

Sad Lovers and Giants


The World

Night Sins

Choir Boy


Bob McFadden



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