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Nov 15, 2020

It's an outlaw life. 

Nov 13, 2020

Free your mind and the rest will follow. Support these bands and the people in your community however you can! Start a band! Start a podcast! Or maybe stop doing something. Also, remaining very still can be nice as well. Drink plenty of water and go get em tiger. 



Mutant Strain - Pt. 2 The Evil Hand (Burning / Gross / Hogtied)


Hound of War - Demo Song 2


Nekra - Esquire


Deseos Primitivos - Ojo Por Ojo


Futura - Secretos


Haircut - The Match


Farmaco - Fallas


Tens Unit - Gary's Probation


Chronophage - Any Junkyard Dream


Sweeping Promises - Atelier



Arsenik - Vi Go Som Vi Vill


The End - Krossa!


The Features - Police Wheels


Quizz Kids - Tomorrow


Oss - Ja Vill Va Fri


Shas -Thinner


Brigade 45 B - Ar Jag Sjuk?



Mower - The Punisher



Mystic Inane - Peckerwood Nero


Mentira - Nada Es Segrado


Detestados - Carniceros


Mister - Desparecido


Tums - Can't Talk At All


Milk - Games


Negative Rage - Local Rocker


Misanthropic Minds - Fascist Frat


Violent Christians - Night Time Problems


Soldiers's Disease - Soldier's Disease


Yambag - Squid


Speed Plans - Reflux



Straw Man Army - The Silver Bridge


The Spits - Broken Glass


Gee Tee - Dudes In The Valley


P22 - Shortly


Satanic Togas - Thought Police


Exit Group - Soft Option


Oct 31, 2020




Vicious Blade - Banshee's Blade


Mutant Strain - Pt. 1 Born Into Pain (Toofless Doofus / Juice / Dirt)


Temor - Gobierno Mentiroso


Deseos Primitivos - Palabras


Farmaco - Todo Muere


Rocky And The Sweden - Green Riot


The Spits - Kop Kar


Krigshoder - Krig I Hodet


Impalers - Mining For Power


Kaleidoscope - AR-15


Reek Minds - Slipping


Spike Pit - Pissed Off Today


Milk - 灰色


Mister - Reflexion



Cathedral of Tears - Black Emotion


Neu! - Afer Eight


The Cortinas - I Don't Really Want To Get Involved


Ice & the Iced - Polyschyzophrenya


The Damned - Stretcher Case


Subhumans - No More Gigs



Potpourri - Angels Dead End


Hekàtē - Καλοκαίρι


Vintage Crop - Tension


Sweeping Promises - Atelier


Special Interest - Tina



Spic - Juego de Dinero


Kremlin - Empire


Stuck Pigs - Religious Homicide


Libyans - Cough It Up


Loose Nukes - Smile Operation


Annihilation Time - Panic




Oct 23, 2020

Another week's worth of listening for your undomesticated ear(s.) Drink plenty of water and expand your mind in whatever way you see fit(books, drugs, film, etc.) Cool, let's cruise. 


Necro Heads - Tear It Down


Speed Plans - Wasted Life


RAT-NIP - Age Out


Detestados - Tierra Hueca


Nosferatu - Unitlted


Armor - Untitled


Mister - Sucio


Reek Minds - Slipping


Soldier's Disease - No System


Gimmick - Deep Slice


Milk - Deny


Lacerate - The Enemy



Die Electric Eels - Cyclotron


The Damned - Help


Testors - Let's Get Zoed Out


The Zeros - Don't Push Me Around


The Blanks - Understand


The Models - Man Of The Year


The Now - Nine O'Clock


Feederz - Terrorist



The Spits - Up All Night


Alien Nosejob - Once More 1984


Kaleidoscope - Decolonization


Straw Man Armor - Option Despair


Clock Of Time - Pestilent Planet


Tower 7 - Fatigue


Gen Pop - Hanging Drum


Joy - Dirty



Living World - Spite Controller


Dark Thoughts - Do You Dream/It's Too Late


GEE TEE - Mutant World


Exit Order - Beggin


Torso - Waste of Time


Jackal - Help Yourself


Yambag - Serum Sickness


Gills - Bird Rage


Invalid - Party's Over


Annihilation Time - Just Guzzlin


Mirror - Cadaver Dogs

Oct 13, 2020

More of the same but different. Still trapped on this rock with all of you. The universe is expanding and contracting and all we can think to do is argue with each other. Hopefully some music makes you feel something positive. Buy these bands records if you like them. Support artist in any way you can. Buy less plastic. Clean the bathroom. Do something nice for someone. 


Yambag - DOG


Milk - 100 Times


Gimmick - Numbing


Misanthropic Minds - Company Man Blues


Negative Rage - Hypocrite


Practitioner - Theme From M.A.S.H.


Alien Nosejob - Air Raid on N.T.


NORMS - Földbaszók


KOBRA - Sogni Illusioni





The Gotobeds - Sunny Youth


Ribbon Stage - Rid Myself


The Shifters - Left Bereft


Clock Of Time - Rotten Master


Exit Group - Cruel Fog


Sweeping Promises - Falling Forward




Liquids - I Killed Donald Trump



The Spazzys - I Wanna Cut My Hair Like Marky Ramone


Brain Death - Funny Dancing


Shotgun Solution - Apocalypse


Kalashnikov - Læderhalse


Rasix - El Bus


Mordbuben AG - Kom Gib Mir Deine Hand


Zero Boys - Dingy Bars Suck


Mikey Wild and the Magic Lanterns - I Wuz Punk B4 You Were Punk



Speed Plans - Field of Vision


Temor - Mundo en Llamas


UZI - Miradas


Septic Yanks - Everyday


Gag - Nobody's Smilke


Xylitol - Don't Let Them Leave


Electric Chair - Law Means Nothing


Gen Pop - Bright Light People


Oct 1, 2020

Be Like Your Ancestors Or Be Different. It Doesn't Matter.


Lay A Million Eggs Or Give Birth To One.


Wear Gaudy Colors Or Avoid Display. It's All The Same


The Fittest Shall Survive Yet The Unfit May Live.


We Must Repeat!




Primal Brain - Primal Brain


Mirror - Hall of Cryptids


SLOI - La Fine


Milk - Enemy


Mister - Reflexion


Xylitol - I Have Free Will


Haircut - Honey Pot


Necro Heads - Hate My Life Today


Living World - Ubuntu/Citizens Arrest


RAT-NIP - Spent


Esplosi - Canzone Tre


Futura - Amigo Polica No Existe



Nightmare - Nothing


Kyojinbyo - Hey


Kathabuta - Traitor


Disclaim - Destroy In The Human Head


So What - Judgement


S.O.B. - Obsessed With Wickedness


Garlic Boys - においの王様


The Slang - No Lay Down Arms


F.U.P. - Media



Screaming Human Scum - Mentally Ill


Gills - 9:35


Yambag - Hyena


Knowso - Prophecy


The Cowboy - The Mist


Flyin Trichecos -Sniffa!


Annihilation Time - Coming To My Senses


Midnight - Rebirth by Blasphemy



Satanic Togas - Chain Reaction


GEE TEE - Kombat Kitchen


Vintage Crop - Serve Again


P22 - Ening Chorus for the Terminarch


Spectres - The Head And The Heart



The Panics - I Wanna Kill My Mom


Disorder - Air Raid


Lars Langs - Doomsday


The Cheaters - Man As Hunter


The Descendents - It's A Hectic World


GG Allin - Automatic



Sep 26, 2020

The Earth keeps spinning and we assume it is under control or something resembling control. Our own lives continue their natural orbits and it seems to make less and less sense but we continue to look in the direction we perceive to be forward. What does it all mean? Probably nothing, but here is some more music.


Milk - Bricks


Futuro - Vida Liquida


Futura - Titere


Xylitol - Dim the Sun


Mister - Illusion


After - Life Repeats


Hellish View - Planet's Dyin'


Haircut - Take It


RAT-NIP - Age Out


Heavy Discipline - Voyeuristic Lust/Reckoning


Jackal - The Reality



AlterEgo - Zohari


Paraf - Zastave Alt


Boye - Kafe Na Dnu Okeana


Dada - Aleksandrija


La Card - ... Za Tebe



Torso - Running on Empty


Exit Order - Take The Bait


S-21 - Mass Grave


Stuck Pigs - Go Away


Sow - Fabric


Step Forward - Mind Restraint


Violent Reaction - Guilty


Hounds of Hate - Made Your Bed


Necro Heads - Opt Out



P22 - Farrowing Crate


Straw Man Army - Common Shame


Moth - Modern Madness


Smarts - Real Estate Agent


The Cowboy - Jellyroll


Knowso - Sea of Tranquility


Vintage Crop - Gridlock



Bugs - Doda doda


ABC 80 - Pop Iradion


The Shades - Nova Lust


Reklamation - Hjo?


Feederz - Stop You're Killing Me


GG Allin - You Hate Me And I Hate YOu




Sep 16, 2020

It's hard to stay positive in this fucked up world and the new normal is just as bad as the old one maybe even worse. Remember to help each other out and to take a step back to relax and make sure you aren't killing yourself in the process! Buy these bands records if you like them and spread the word to your friends!


RAT-NIP - Gimme Skin


Heavy Discipline - No Amends


Necro Heads - Enemy Number One


Living World - Spite Controller


Alamoans - C C T V


Invalid - ACtive Shooter


Peace Talks - Dancing For The Flame


Esplosi - Esplosi


Impostor Syndrome - Impostor Syndrome


White Stains - White Stains


Death Gasp - Murder Policy


Wicked Slash - Sleep Goodnight


Hellpower - Final Lesson


Battlefields - You Made You


Chiller - Trainwreck


Speed Plans - C-4



The Genral Foodz - Be So Funny


Knugen's Haf - Du Ar Inte Ensam


Brülbåjz - Dödens Apostlar


Terveet Kädet - Minä haluan paljon rahaa


The Teen Idles - Sneakers


Zits - Sick On You


Identity Crisis - Born To Be A Bozo


Adolescents - Amoeba


David Microwave - I Don't Want To Hold You



Haircut - Prayer for a Little Girl


Demarcation Line - Roadkill


Reaccion Violenta - Nada nuevo


Uzi - Nada


Jackal - Spent


Loss Prevention - Devil's Fools


Liquids - Enhance Your Body(With Pollution)/Life Of Oi


Iron Age - Dispossessed



Молчат Дома - Не Смешно


Spectres - Years Of Lead


Sweeping Promises - Out Again


Smarts - Cling Wrap

Sep 3, 2020



RAT-NIP - Ay Mijo


Necro Heads - Psychic Morons


Heavy Discipline - Found Out


Jackal - Hard Truth


Mutant Strain - Can't Have A Lick


Bato - Damage Control


Unit - What's It All For


Uzi - Predicando El Odio


Sin Futuro - Sin Futuro


Pissmixer - World


Zyfilis - Starta Krig For Noje



Adolescents - Self Destruct/Do The Eddie Henry


T.S.O.L. - Superficial Love


Modern Warfare - Delivered


Black Flag - Revenge


Circle Jerks - World Up My Ass


Flyboys - Picture Perfect


X - Nausea



Vintage Crop - The Ladder


Porno Glows - On and On


The Cowboy - El Pono


Sweeping Promises - Safe Now


Ishadi - After


Alien Nosejob - Second Landing



Razar - Task Force


Icon - Cancer


Automatics - When The Tanks Roll Over Poland Again


Elektrochok - Consume


Sin 34 - No Not Fun


Non-Compis Mentis - I Used To Know You


NDT - Schwarzer Vogel


The Next - Monotony



Aug 28, 2020

2020 is a wash but let's close our eyes and remember some things that happened in the past. We will have fun again one day, 

Aug 25, 2020

This world ain't shit without us. Support each other. Fuck 12. Buy these bands records, support your local Black Lives Matter organization(s.) Keep showing up to protests. Be the damn difference!



Necro Heads - Lies


Heavy Discipline - Tell The World


Unit - Evil Days


Synthetic - Rut


Pissmixer - Laughter In The Room


Concrete Lawn - No Patience


Masochism - Plague of Warfare


Krigshoder - Kaos & Depresjon


Kobra - Stella Morta


Invalid - Active Shooter


White Stains - Quarantine


Confetti - Demo Song 2



UK Decay - Message Distortion


T.S.O.L. - 80 Times


Mobs - Projection Of Astral Body


Krunch - Destruktiv Anatomi


Xamena Idanika - When the Nightmare Becomes Reality


No Side - No Insane


Out Cold - Deviant



Mainframe - RIP


Roach Fever - Roach Fever


Toy - Inadequate


David Forcier - O.G.F.L.


Liquid Face - Animosity


The Cowboy - The Mist


Knowso - Green Vision


Impotentie - Belgie Staat In Brand



Sweeping Promises - Hunger for a Way Out


Lilac - Unplug + Destroy


Special Interest - Head


Hurana - Brujas - Chola E Invetadas


Gen Pop - Rain


Generacion Suicida - Nadie Se Escapa


Playland - Par For The Course





Aug 15, 2020

Support these bands by buying their records & paying for music online or don't. Be fucking cool. Wear your mask. Be nice to people. Stretch and drink plenty of water. It will take all of us working together to make this world better so try a little harder and complain a little less! 



Heavy Discipline - What's The Point


Necro Heads - Tear It Down


Living World - Spite Controller


Alamoans - C C T V


Thy Stehoscope - Groupy Theory


Lilac - Cybercrusters on Hormones


Invalid - Court of Public Opinion


White Stains - Torture Chamber


Gills - TUFF M.B.T.


Peace Talks - Vanity


Krigshoder - Ditt Eget Stalingrad


Abyecta - Nacer Crecer Morir


LD-50 - Screen Of The Mind


Sister Anne - Plant The Seed


Gimmick - Killer Clown


GUNN - Blackout


KOBRA - Incubo


Varoitus - Uskonto on syöpä


Bombardment - Blood.Cash.Self-Destruction.


Vivisected Numbskulls - Uniformed Controller


Sedition Act - Nothing Is Left



The Buttocks - Kill The Pigs


The Bollocks - Riot On The Rockers


Pillsbury Hardcore - Wanna Check Out My Record Collection


Neos - Fight With Donald


Agent Orange - Dogs


Brulbajz - Dodens Apostlar


The Girls - The Elephant Man



Tumbas - Lo Que Nos Une Nos Separa


Public Eye - Descending


Gen Pop - Bell Book Candle


Aus - Suchmaschine


All Hits- Easy Killer


Knowso - Chosen One


Powerplant - Good Time



Toughskins - Pushead Ain't Oi!


Vanilla Poppers - Where You Told Me I Belong


Torso - No Commonality


EEL - Awake


Big Zit - Bully Beef


The Rival Mob - Gene Pool/Cess Pool


Warkrime - I Used To Be A Punk


Socialcide - Unapproachable



Jul 31, 2020

Stay hydrated and disassemble white supremacy one block at a time. 


Terrace Martin - Pig Feet feat. Denzel Curry, Kamasi Washington,


G Perico & Daylyt


Anderson Paak - Lockdown


Pharoahe Monch, Styles P, & Marco Polo - Same Shit, Different Toilet


Meek Mill - Otherside of America


J. Cole - Snow On Tha Bluff


Lil Baby - The Bigger Picture


Noname - Song 33



Swietlana - Pyl & Kurz


Attitude Adjustment - Bombs


Straight Ahead - Who's To Blame


Systeme D - Another Day


Thee Undertakers - America's Dream


Dada - Aleksandrija


Boye - Kade Na Dnu Okeana


Romanticne Boje - San



Segunda Clase - Preview Track


Mad Laughter - Demo Song 2


Vertical Scum - Predator


Rote - No Contact


Tappo - Fuck Off Forever


Zyfilis - Eldens Systrar


Violent Christians - Forgotten Few


Invalid - Exile


The Annihilated - Push Me Around/Abuse of Power


Impotentie - Stille Rebellen


Subdued - Sanctuary Is Nowhere


Geld - Nocturnal Hand



Kitchen And The Plastic Spoons - Happy Funeral


Arsenik - Swedish Boy


The 2X4's - Little Cities


X-iles - Indecision


Devo - Turn Around


U.K. Viva - Radio Saviour


James Baldwin - Dick Cavett

Jul 24, 2020

Be good to each other. Be a better you than you were yesterday. Of course, support these bands and your community in any way you can. 






Anglo Scalps - Orphans


Cry Out - War Aesthetic


Zygome - 6th Extinction


Vixens - Broken Scenes


Abject Pax - Mind & Body


D.O.G. - Life Is Empty


Pissheads - Jackboot



Deep Tissue - Mood Swing


Dame - Cicadas


Liquids - Little Laughing Man


Cement Shoes - Going Off The Grid


All Hits - Don't Wanna


Dark Thoughts - ITL


Generacion Suicida - Rechazados Por La Sociedad



Hassle Bastards - Surprise


U.K. Viva - Mr. Mystery


Plastix - Konsumier Mich


The Glueams - Mental


Rebels - Mental Disorder


Besokarna - Kamikaze


AK47 - The Badge Means You Suck



Kirgshoder - Kirgshoder


Snarling Hate - Asphyxia


Combat Force - Useless Generation


Arson - Never Suffer


Paranoise - Influenza Influencer


Vertical Scum - Total 90


Rote - Smile


Death Gasp - Muder Policy


Long Knife - Night of the Hunter


Subdued - No More




Jul 14, 2020

Help the people around you. Make this fucked up world a better place little by little. 


The Gotobeds - Have You Checked the Tapes?


Invalid - Sold Out


Peace Talks - A Lasting Peace


White Stains - White Stains


Speed Plans - Skinhead


Loose Nukes - My Life


Love Potion - Track 03


Aus-Rotten - When You Support These Fucking Bastards


No Time - Age of Insanity


Sober Clones - PSA



All Hits - Blockhead


Hurana - Mi Generacion


Kobra - Confusione


Geld - Blood Circle


Iron Lung - The Psychology of Quarantine


S.H.I.T. - Hidden in Eternity


Cement Shoes - Knocked Into The Reptile Enclosure


Subdued - Death Or Lies


Cadenaxo - Tortua Mental


Loss Prevention - Shoot To kill


Big Laugh - No Embrace


Mutated Void - Failed Alerts



Soberania Personal - Lider


Los Crudos - Porque


The Abused - War Games


Rebel Truth - In The Red


Bad Brains - Big Take Over


Cro-Mags - World Peace


Crippled Youth - Positive Scene


Infest - Rabid Pigs/Lying To Myself/Nazi Killer


White Trash - Nazis In My Neighborhood



Special Interest - Head


Ciern - Let Go


Powerplant - Hurtwood


Στρύχνο(Strychno)- Βλέμα κενό/Empty look


Public Eye - Lost Dog


Knowso - 4th Wonder


Deep Tissue - Mood Swing


Total Control - Stonehenge(Demo)


Colourbox - The Moon Is Blue




Jun 22, 2020

As planet "Earth" continues to spiral through the void the concerned citizens of it's planet grow more and more weary. We will accomplish more together than we will at each other's throat. Listen and learn from your neighbor. Be kind to each other. 



Living World - Ubuntu


Hounds Of Hate - Bo Brown


Hate Preachers - Bent For Abuse


Geld - Infrasound


Zyfilis - Alla Ska Ha


Tappo - En Pita Rikoksena


Mutated Void - Scary Place USA


Solder - Solder


Rats! - Donnie & Mikey


Stuck Pigs - Religious Homocide



Special Interest - Disco III


NRRRV - The Gaze


dreamcrusher - Codeine Eyes


Colourbox - Breakdown



Powerplant - Good Time


Cherry Cheeks - Don't Call The Cops


Vintage Crop - Gridlock


Destructos - The Sight


Rotura - Insurreccion


Le Shat Noir - The Problem Is Piss


Thy Stethoscope - Group Theory



Electric Eels - Agitated


The Girls - The Elephant Man


AK-47 - The Badge Means You Suck


Bodysnatchers - Are You Into Destruction


Next - Cheap Rewards


Discharge - You Take Part In Creating This System

Jun 15, 2020

To me being punk means community, support, learning and (obviously) music. Check out the links below while listening and share with others. Remember we are in this together and are only as strong as our weakest link.




Killer Of Sheep - Clouds/Lose Control


Hounds Of Hate - Pound Of Flesh


Heavy Discipline - Moment Won't Come


Living World - Crime Person


LSG - Living To Bleed Out


Bleeding Gums - No Sir


Ritalin OD - Swollen Eyes


Pure Disgust - Vacant


Stuck Pigs - Stuck Pigs


I.C.E. - Joke's On You



YDI - Mad At The World/Out For Blood


Neon Christ - Draft Song


Snuky Tate - New Time


Twisted Thing - Haunted


Pox - Out Of Time


T.A.Z. - Untitled 2


Brown Sugar - Black & White Panther Party


Ivy - A Bum And A Playboy



The Ire - Derelict


Infidel - Hollow


Shadow Age - Reign


Colourbox - Tarantula


ESG - Moody


A Certain Ratio - Flight



Cold Sweat - Breaking You


Men's Interest - I


Mass Arrest - Shuck & Jive


Special Inerest - Disco II


Downtown Boys - Wave Oh History


Minority Threat - Protect & Serve


Soul Glo - Untitled 1



May 28, 2020

We continue to shift amorphously through time, space, etc. Best to just close your eyes & listen to the music...or clean your room, whichever works for you. 


Alamoans - Never Too Young


Speed Plans - Sudden Relapse


Lobstah - The Plan


Living World - The Ordinary


Invader Lars - Tom Savini(Omega Feast)


Choir - Guilt Drip


Kim Phuc - Constant Heart Attack


Invalid - Court Of Public Opinion


Blood Pressure - Chronic Abuse


Chronic Abuse - Class Traitor



Laffing Gas - Pressure


The Guests -Killing Spree


Adderall - WORM(You)


Nandas - Bellona


Dark Thoughts - Identity Crisis


Bad Example - Tethered In Deviancy


Advertisement - She Was Dead


Public Acid - Incapacitate



Crisis Mode - Just A Fuck


LSG - A Leather Sex Gang


Mentira - Tus Demonios


Body Farm - Rough Night


Sniffany and the Nits - Rotten Tomato Planet


CB Radio Gorgeous - Earth II


Rotten Mind - Beat of the Street


BB and the Blips - Lucky Country


Exit Order - Seed Of Hysteria



The Donnas - I Don't Wanna Go To School


Zounds - Demystification


Killing Joke - Wardance


Young Marble Giants - Colossal Youth


Strawberry Switchblade - Since Yesterday

May 18, 2020

Another vague period of time on "this island" Earth. More music and also less music depending on how you look at it. I will say, this podcast is best listened to not looked at though. 


LSG - Eat It Up


Loss Prevention - Vicious Cycle


Cadanexo - Indestructible


Muro - No Hay Luger


Sial - Biar Putih Tulang, Jangan Putih Mata


Suck Lords - You're A Hype


Fried E/M - Modern World


Inmates - Creatures of the Night


Peace Talks - Getting Off On Acting Out


Cape Of Bats - Free From Grace



Erik Nervous - Living In The Woods


Devo - Find Out


John Maus - Find Out


The World - Last Rhodesian


Rotten Mind - Burn For You


Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers - Frustraion II



Ratfucker - The Need 4 Bleed


Rat-Nip - Motormouth


Ratface - Fukushima Nightmare


Negative Gain - Night Of The Rat


Savage Amused - Mall Rats


Ratos De Parao - Parasita


The Rats - First Mistake



Crazy Spirit - Slimey Leech


Dawn Of Humans - Bung Life


Perdition - Room 101


Natural Law - Persona


SQRM - I Can't Find My Knife


Slices - Medusa


Salvation - The Internal


Ecoli - Wind Chimes


No Statik - Clarified, Distilled, Recomposed


Glam - Agobian


Masshysteri - Välkommen till verkligheten



May 17, 2020

Part III of what to listen to when I die. 

May 11, 2020

You know him from playing drums in good bands and telling you which records are worth buying via Sorry State Records' weekly email, now get to know him a lil better. Punk is cool. 

May 8, 2020

Tap the cruise control and let your flesh vehicle coast on auto for the next 1.5 hours to the cool sounds of Cruel Noise. Support the bands and those around you in need. We are, unfortunately, human so let us make the best of it.  


Alamoans - Grease Stain
Muro - La Ciudad Es Hostil
Cadenaxo - Maxima Autoridad
Sub Space - Redemption
LSG - Talk
Loss Prevention - Devil's Fools
Suck Lords - Born Dead
Σ.Κ.Α.Τ.Α. - Κοροιδία / Αλγόριθμος
Subdued - Over The Hills And Far Away
Impotentie - Medemens
Laffing Gas - The Gulch
Cape Of Bats - Final Charge

R.M.F.C. - Reader
Erik Nervous - Our Hungry Fruit
Tums - Old Perverts & Horse Fuckers
CB Radio Gorgeous - Decline
Sniffany & The Nits - Rotten Tomato Planet
Vanilla Poppers - Get Away From Me
Torso - No Commonality

Barlow - Highway
Chronophage - Nyteans
Sensual World - Ephemeral Blob
Lost Balloons - My Grave
Special Interest - Young, Gifted, Black, In Leather
Nada Surf - Popular
Liz Phair - Fuck & Run
Sundays - You're Not The Only One I Know

Cameras In Cars - Avoid A Noid
Аквариум - Пепел
Grupa Radio - Pred Polazak Na Plazu
Биоконструктор - Бюрократ

Apr 30, 2020

Our time on Earth keeps pushing on and the sands of time keep doing whatever it is they are supposedly doing. Make the best out of what you got and support your friends, family &  neighbors whenever you can. 


CB Radio Gorgeous - The Devil


Sub Space - I Walk the Devil


Counter Control - Unnamed Graves


Liquids - Dark


XOs(Hugs & Kisses) - City Slickers & Coal Mines


Sniffany and the Nits - Horse Girl


Final War - Final War


New Grave - Poison Cloud


Civic - Selling, Sucking, Blackmail, Bribes


Death Cult - Disappear


Gen Pop - Hanging Drum



Spizzenergi - Where's Captain Kirk


The Sleepers - A Murder


Kaare Og Partiet - Lat 2


Screamers - Mater Dolores


Ramones - Outsider



Ammo - All You Do(Is Want Me To Die)


Krash - Devestation


Impostor Syndrome - Canned Applause


Special Interest - Don't Kiss Me In Public


Milk Music - Pay Me


Last Words - Wounds


Brain Handle - Smiling Again



The Nuns - Walkin' the Beat


Red Cross - Cover Band


Adolescents - Amoeba


David Microwave - I Don't Want to Hold You


Spilittin' Teeth - 2nd Generation





Apr 28, 2020

Channels - 2 (stereo

Sample Rate - 44.1 KHz

Bit Rate - 192 kbps

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