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Apr 27, 2019

Death, but part I. Aka Cruel Noise Episode 50. 






























Apr 26, 2019

Part II of what I want you to listen to when I die. Party on. 

Apr 24, 2019

Be punk or don't. Go to Horrible Fest in Cleveland or don't. I can't make the decision for you. 



Mati - Δεν Σκέφτεσαι


Probreza Mental - No Se A Donde Voy


Scalple - Brain


Sister Anne - Driving On


Zorn - My Master's Call


Loose Nukes - I'm Depraved


Detainees - City Grief


Cement Shoes - Inmate



Inmates - Little Bitch


Yambag - Frog


Der Kommisar - Athlete's Foot


Scum Guppies- Something's Fishy


Street Gurgler - Candle Bomb


Knowso - Me & My Friends Town


Donkey Bugs - ABC's Of Lust


Shagg - Miss 45


M.I.C.R.O.S.O.F.T. - Simulated_Life



Liquids - Swarm


Warm Bodies - I'm In The Sky




FLQ - Pale Bars


Citric Dummies - Cops On Bikes


Red Delicious - Sinto Muito


Negative Scanner - First Blood


Hairnet - Barrel Dogs



Sockeye - Wheelchair Full Of Old Men/Mushroom Gravy 


Apr 18, 2019

Buy the records, see the groups live, start a band, be punk or don't. 



Jackal - Jackal


Haram - Where Were You On 9/11


Impulso - Costante Ossessione


Game - Chimera


Arms Race - Empty Creed


Torso - Repulsion


Suck Lords - Burn


Pine Taar - The Time Is Here


Fried Egg - Fatalist


CPU Rave - Feast


Cell - Disgust


S.H.I.T. - Fixed



Buzzcocks - E.S.P.


The Adverts - I Looked At The Sun


The Damned - I Just Can't Be Happy Today


Joy Division - Transmission


Bauhaus - Telegram Sam



Condor - Chacun Pour Soi


Warm Bodies - Love O'Clock


The Roobydocks - Coconut Water


The Cowboy - Peaceful Dreamer


Uranium Club - Grease Monkey


Perverts Again - It's My Life


Maze - Eight Channels


The World - Last Rhodesian



Wreckless Eric - Whole Wide World


Elvis Costello - No Action


Nick Lowe - So It Goes


The Smiths - This Charming Man


Sister Ray - Suicide


Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias - Kill


Pink Fairies - Between The Lines



Ramones - Judy Is A Punk

Apr 10, 2019

Listen all about it! 



...or don't. 

Mar 31, 2019

Another old episode. Hopefully these hold you off until I make a new one next week.



Ajax- Paper and Steel


No- Run Dry


Prison Moan- Harvest


The Drip- Demo Song 3


Firing Squad- Endless Game



Ivy- Cave Business


Dawn of Humans- Secretion/Grapitudonce of Hinsenctor


Institute- Salt


The Sicks- Pretty Plastic


Buzzcocks- Lipstick



Radium Girls- Untitled


Disiples of Christ- Molt


Impalers- Herpes(Agent Orange)


Criaturas- Anti Autoridad


Grotto- Demo Song 1





Willie Nelson- Whiskey River



Fumigados- Vida Prestada


Cadenaxo- Ciegos


Blazing Eye- At the Gig


Blood Pressure- Chronic Abuse


Anxiety Hammer- My Peace


Mentally Ill- Tumor Boy


GRRR- 1984



Hypercondriax- Shit Scene


RZL DZL- Partied Out


Municipal Waste- Abusement Park


Wings Beer and Sports- 7th Inning Stretch



Bob Marley- And I Love Her

Mar 31, 2019

Another old one. Usually I cringe a little bit when I upload these but this is a pretty good one, music wise at least. I'm very tired and feel like my feet should be chopped off and thrown in the river. 




Fuck SS- Trend On


Haldol- Insomnia In A Dream


Blank Spell- Night Mute


Ammunition- Wrecked


Mentally Ill- All Mixed Up



Concealed Blade- Never Heard


Fuck You Pay Me- Ammosexual


Chain Rank- Set Me Free


Koszmar- Nuklearna Supremacja


Mirror- Control Group



Benny and the Roids- Pedictions


Klaus- Suicide


Dekonocidos- Alemania


Necros- Caste System


Nasty Facts- Crazy 'Bout You



MC5- Looking At You


Annihilation Time- About To Snap


Melvins- Anaconda


Steven Jesse Bernstein- No No Man Part 1



Dow Jones & the Industrials- Can't Stand the Midwest


Ciril- Bellgrave


Malaria!- You You


Paul McCartney- Temporary Secretary


Neil Young- Computer Age



ABBA- Take A Chance On Me

Mar 26, 2019

Another arbitrary period of time has passed and another vacuous version of this segment presents itself hoping you heed it's unvaried advice: Support these bands and all of those diy groups that stumble across your path by giving them money and attention. 



Uranium Club - Definitely Infrarefd Radiation Sickness


Knowso - Like A Buzz


Institute - Dazzle Paint


Chronophage - Double Suicide


The World - White Radish


Diat - Only My Own



Toughskins - Hippies vs. Skins Ghost Of Oi!


The Buttocks - Kill The Pigs


D.O.G. - Life Is Empty


Fried Egg - Grown Fat


Haircut - Work Weak


Khiis - Bezoar


SPIC - SPIC Hates Punx


Nicfit - Pits


M.A.Z.E. - Zipper Back


Andy Human & The Reptoids - Maldoror


Devil Master - Webs Of Sorrow



Silent Age - World On Fire


Deep Tissue - In Despair


Fatamorgana - El Amanecer


Rubella Ballet - Ballet Dance


Trisomie 21 - The Last Song




Mar 15, 2019

Another tired playlist by another tired prick? You be the judge. While you are feeling so generous buy these bands records, see them live and support the music you like as feverishly as you possibly can. 



Razorbumps - Freak Baby


Cuir - Seconde Peau


Primavera - Vida Podrida


Khiis - Venom


Torso - Sick Of Fighting


Celda - Obsesion


Larma - Mänsklighetens Mästare




Heavy Discipline - Moment Won't Come



The Bags - We Don't Need The English


The Eyes - Disneyland


Alley Cats - Too Much Junk


Black Randy and the Metro Squad - Down At The Laundrymat


X - Los Angeles


The Germs - No God



Mock Execution - Reality Attack


The Cavemen - Lucy


Impulso - Nessun Impulso


CPU Rave - Compressed


Cell - Demise


Brainwashed Youth - Blow Up This Place


Pine Taar - I Declare War


Suck Lords - The Lake


Machine Gun - Outcast


Scarecrow - Cornered


The P'ids - GFBSG


Powerplant - Classic Evil



Dark Thoughts - Fallin Out


Motorhead - R.A.M.O.N.E.S.


Crucial Unit - Columbus Fest Is A Celebration Of Genocide


Tetsu Arrey - Burning Spirits


Viletones - C.O.N.T.O.L.


Nobunny - Blow Dumb


Dead Moon - Dead Moon Night


The Cure - Fire In Cairo



Little Carolyn Sue - I Hate Men


Mamman Sani - Bodo

Mar 1, 2019

Hope your life has been decent. Make someone a someone by showing them some sort of affection our gratuity in an obvious way or your own. Whilst you at "it" do something for your own community whatever it may be. k bye thanx.




Powerplant - Dungen


Diät - Foreign Policy


Adrenochrome - Celebration


The Ire - To Sleep


Mariah - 花が咲いたら



The Cryers - (It's Gonna Be) A Heartbreaker


Bram Tchaikovsky - Girl Of My Dreams


The Records - Starry Eyes


Disturbed - I Don't Believe



Absurdo - Vacio


Fuga - Sin Control


Idiota Civilizzato - Sporchi Senza Fine


S.H.I.T. - Algorithm


Mock Execution - Is This The Future?


Hyena - No Remorse


Subversive Rite - Age Of Change


R.M.F.C. - The Clue


Gesture - Dizzy



Heavy Discipline - You're Good


Rat Nip - Motormouth


Illiterates - Urban Hillbilly


Living World - Crack Mountain


Loose Nukes - Annihilation


Blood Pressure - Surrounded


De Rodillas - No Soy Nada


Detainees - One Of The Good Ones




Daddy Yankee ft Snow - Con Calma


Cruelster - Laminate It Later

Feb 17, 2019

The pages of the story of life curl at the ages waiting to be turned. A choose your own adventure with a very limited amount of options. Targeted towards children and young adults in some twisted foreshadowing of what to expect in this abstract experience. It's not a hopeless hap but like most books it pays to soak up the details and in this case think carefully before choosing. 



Buy these bands records. Go see them live. Start a band. Support your scene. Be punk or don't. Enjoy now while you still can




The Huns - Busy Kids/Glad He's Dead


Klips 1988 - Ultimatum


The Pain - Body Snatchers


Sods - Military Madness


The Buzz - Insanity


The Rivals - Flowers


Spelling Missteaks - Rubber Duck


Girl Guided Missiles - Desperate



Battered Citizens - Bullies


Death Side - Mirror


Massacre 68 - Policias Corruptos


TT-Task - Så Jävla Sjukt


Totalitär - Vanlig Vämjelig Vardag


Dead Moon - 54 40 Or Fight


The Ramones - Pet Sematary



Totalitär - Kross Elitsystemet


Framtid - Crucified


Disclose - Battlefield Of Hell


Gordon Solie Motherfuckers - Extinction (Level Event)


Rocky & The Sweden - Hello Police(Fxxkin' Bastard For You!)


Stitches - My Baby Hates Me


Spazz - The Complete & Utter Destruction of All Generic Pop Punk (Extended Version)


Gangstarr - Full Clip


Mos Def - Hip Hop



Empty Beings - Growing Boys


Destinazione Finale - Niente Rimane


Петля - Ткачук


Illiterates - Never Enough


Heavy Discipline - Stuck


Rat-Nip - Boilermaker


Fuga - Hipocritas


Hyena - Laugh


Subversive Rite - Subversive Rite


Extended Hell - New Song 1


Fluke - RRR


Thin Lizzy - Got To Give It Up


Van Halen - Dance The Night Away

Feb 13, 2019

That which we create will be our ultimate destruction. There is no way to suck the poison out of this self-inflicted wound. Our brains will grow larger and larger, but with ego not knowledge, as we become carelessly conceited creatures craving the primordial ooze that rejected us. We will resign to rot in our current unfavorable fantasy. Never looking forward. Never wondering "why?" 


Buy these bands records and support your scene. 




Illiterates - Not Your Problem


Heavy Discipline - Excuse




Living World - Fresh


The P'ids - Two Dogs


Subversive Rite - Systems Child


Hyena - Plagued


Public Acid - Flag Fetish


Physique - No Better Way


Fluke - 6th Mass Extinction


Man-Eaters - Carbona Guerrilla


Muro - Prisionero



Crapas - 크레파스 - 새벽 창가에서  


Roza Rymbaeva Роза Рымбаева  - Жездеке


Марина - Журавлева Я не та 


Hole - Violet


The Go-Gos - Our Lips Are Sealed



Uranium Club - Man Is The Loneliest Animal


Knowso - Me & My Friends Town 


Flower - Pride Is Not For Me


Lucta - Schermo


Adrenochrome - Shattered Frames


Devil Master - Black Flame Candle




Leo Sayer - You Make Me Feel Like Dancing


Jan 30, 2019

An old one from July 2015, a time when it was surely warmer and working full time in 2 different restaurants and about to quit 2 bands. Times were weird they still are. Also, the year I lost my virginity. Namaste compatriots. 



Salome- Carriene


Pere Ubu- The Modern Dance


Institute- Admit I'm Shit


Kim Phuc- Thug



Ajax- Priced


Sin Motivo- Preguntales


Bad Eric- Sick Tradition


The Sentenced- Freshcut



Ashkenazi- Mentality


Steel Chains- Hard To Follow


Chumbawamba- Total Control


Zolar X- Space Age Love


The Execute- God Damn


Confuse- Abuse of The State Powers



Gluebag- Been Here Before


Alpay- Ah! Berelim


Strawberry Alarm Clock- Black Butter


Them- My Lonely Sad Eyes



Dr. Octagon- Bear Witness


Iggy & the Stooges- Search and Destroy


Ted Nugent- Stormtroopin'


The Adolescents- Kids of the Black Hole


Ozzy Osbourne- Over The Mountain



Style P- Holiday


Jan 26, 2019

More of the same always. Buy these bands records, go see them live, contribute to your scene, so on and so forth. Start a band or don't. Do you really need me to tell you that punk doesn't work without you? 



RAT-NIP - New Blood


Vaaska - No A La Guerra


Muro - PD


Forra - Futuro


Mujeres Podridas - Misterio Planeta


Blystex - Me Mando Sola


Purple X - Glasses


Organzied Filth - Canada Horrible


The Noids - Too Late


Rubble - The Image


Skull Cult - Into The White



Crass - Mother Earth


Gang Of Four - Not Great Men


Au Pairs - Ideal Woman


Gary Numan - Down In The Park


The Undertones - Family Entertainment


The Damned - Smash It Up



Torso - Repulsion


EEL - Carry On Shambling Ghoul


De Rodillas - No Soy Nada


Peace Talks - Instigate


Pawns - Abberations


The Ire - Derelict


1919 - Cry Wolf



Rata Negra - Asesino


Juanita Y Los Feos - Cien Punaladas


Pura Mania - Rey De Ratas


Secreto Publico - Cara De Culpable


Sin Motivo - Preguntales


Criaturas - Despierta



Cumhur - Taki Havasi


Rupa - Aaj Shanibar

Jan 20, 2019

Is this the year punk dies? Is it already dead? Stillborn perhaps? Comatose? Does the word "punk" actually mean anything beyond it's Merriam-Webster definition? The words we choose only mean what we want them to mean, so punk is whatever you think it is. Alive, dead, neither or both. Either way it's up to you to define it so put down your phone and get to it already we're waiting.


As always, support these groups by buying their records and going to see them live whenever applicable. 



Dorothy - Softness


The Pearl Sisters - Hate It


Jennifer Lara - I Am In Love


Lin Guan Lin -劉冠霖


Yellow Magic Orchestra - Firecracker



Devil Master - Desperate Shadow


Mock Execution - Reality Attack


Vaaska - Poder Absoluto


Blystex - Cual Es La Verdad


Mujercitos - Agresivamente Ignorante


La Maquinaria De Tortura - Control


Ardillas - Cuando CAnte Esta Cancion


Skull Cult - Braindead



Ramones - Rock N Roll High School


Misfits - Teenagers From Mars


The Tights - Cracked


The Carpettes - Small Wonder


Paralisis Permanente - Unidos


Bedboys - Violenza No!


No Thanks - Posuer



The Ire - Katabasis


Satelite - Parte Del plan


Antiguo Regimen - La Formacion De La Sombra


Cuidad Lineal - Neuvo Hombre


Xmal Deustchland - Hand In Hand



Chavela Vargas - La Llorona


City Girls - I'll Take Your Man


Jan 13, 2019

By the grace of whatever deity you subscribe to there is no going back to what you think the way things used to be. There is nothing left now for the either of us, we can listen to the sounds but can we relate to the rest of this world's inhabitants on any sort of genuine level? 



Buy these bands records and go see them live when applicable. Now start your own thing(s.)




Living World - Chair Shot


S.L.I.P. - Grease Man


De Rodillas - Soga


Detainees - Detainees


Blood Pressure - Surrounded


Peace Talks - Screams Across The Borders In Darkness


Scavenger O.D. - Funeral Laughter


Drug Lust - Gang Realted/Pittsburgh '18



Dummy - Nose Running


Cruelster - Dum Fuk


Citric Dummies - Cops On Bikes


Gee Tee - Fightin Is Dumb


Dumspell - Cowboy


Liquids - Dumb As Fuck


Hoonbag Moonswag - Dance Like A Dumbass


Spits - Dumb



Misfits - Children In Heat


Black Flag - Fix Me


Mentally Ill - Padded Cell


The Buzz - Insanity


Barry Kooda - So Sorry


The Speedies - No Substitute


The Cigarettes - You Were So Young



Torso - Grab A Shovel


Urban Sprawl - Devastation


Fuerza Bruta - Nacion Dividida


Lucha Eterna - Mano Fea


Blystex - (Nuestro Gobierno Es) Un Infierno


Vittna - Cognitive Dissonance


The Noids - Red


Lawman - Keep The Pace


Hyena - No Remorse


Physique - Violence Of Another Day



The Ire - Derelict


The Guests - Knucklehead


Actors - Face Meet Glass


Утро - Река


Musta Paraati - Hyvää yötä


Pyhät Nuket - Hei Pieni Ihminen



J. Mascis & The Fog - Ammaring


The Church - Reptile

Jan 3, 2019

You already know, start a band blah blah blah buy these bands records yada yada yada go see them like etc etc etc support your scene i digress i digress i digress




Space Wolf - Big Bad


Brainwashed California - Life Of Crime


Urochromes - I Don't Wanna Be Like Me


The Muff Divers - Dunno Quite Yet


S.B.F. - A Haunting We Will Go


Western Civ - Fun Ladies In White


Hairlong N Freeky - Untitled


Leaders - I Am Not A Nixon



Takeshi Terauachi & Blue Jeans - Kiso Bushi


Misiliski - Tsuioku No Sihgure


Beanmusic - Beanmusic


The Darvocets - Contactee


Ruiners - John 3:81


Prevaricators - I'm So Cool


Misfits - Theme For A Jackyl


Black Flag - Can't Decide



Vittna - Hands Around Your Neck


Mock Execution - Is This The Future?


Hius - Pimeys


Porvenir Oscuro - Salvacion


Corvo - Frontera


Junta - Agua Escura


Vaaska - Regimen Autoritario


Hologram - Mirroring


Closet Christ - Recur


Loose Nukes - Fire Me



Gaizin - Free Will/Follow The Fashion


Kaizer - Stray Goner


Mensu - Drug


Anti-Septic - Dice With Death


Dove - What's To Gain


Gauze - Absinthe Trip



Ghost Town DJ's - My Boo

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